What Happens When Tomi Lahren Confronts Host Who Named her ‘Donkey of the Day?’ WATCH

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Following the racially divisive Super Bowl performance by Beyoncé, in which she channeled the Black Panthers and sang a song that is an attack on police following her police escort to the big game, The Blaze TV host Tomi Lahren, called Beyoncé, a big buddy of the Obamas, out for her half-time show.

Lahren’s criticism drew the ire of black radio host Charlamagne Tha God who dubbed Lahren “Donkey of the Day.”

Now, Tomi Lahren is no stranger to powerful commentary. The woman speaks her mind and is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with even the most radical of leftists. So, it isn’t surprising that she invited Charlamagne on her show to discuss her criticism of Beyoncé, the Black Panthers, and the Black Lives Matter black supremacist movement, who have terrorized communities in the name of ‘social justice’ and his opposition to her words.

If you’ve never seen Lahren in action, then you are in for a treat.

She starts off the conversation by saying, ““If you want to talk about protecting black communities, you can’t just select the things that you want to talk about — you have to be mindful of all of it.” She continues by adding that even if no more black people were ever shot by police, there would still be issues in the black community.

Charlamagne did not seem to agree with her assertion, or perhaps wanted to deflect away from it, and attempted to switch the subject by saying, “OK, if you go to an HIV/AIDS rally, right, and the rally is about HIV/AIDS, Tomi, do you stand up and say, ‘What about cancer?’”

He also took issue with Tomi Lahren’s description of the Black Panthers, who committed violent acts in the name of “equality,” as terrorists. In a clear cut condoning of their violence, Charlamagne said, “You may not agree with their methods, but, guess what, we don’t always agree with all the methods that America uses at times.”

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Lahren did not allow Charlamagne to get away with his continuous efforts to shift away from the discussion and change the topic. She also held him accountable for the way his radio show cherry picked comments from fans on her Facebook page while completely ignoring the numerous attacks and threats against her, her family, and her friends.

She also pointed out the highly hypocritical stance of one racist idiot who called her a “racist cracker.”

Watch the entire powerful segment between Tomi Lahren and Charlamagne below.

Tomi Lahren & CharlamagneTha God go head-to-head over the Blac…#BlackLivesMatter, Beyoncé Bowl and the Black Panthers – let’s start the conversation. Visit TheBlaze.com/Tomi to watch the full show on-demand.

Posted by Tomi Lahren on Monday, February 15, 2016

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