As Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton Attack FBI Director Comey, Obama Issues a Shocking Statement

Democrats are on the attack against FBI James Comey. When Comey declined to charge Hillary Clinton with anything following the FBI investigation into her illegal use of a secret, email server that was housed in someone’s bathroom to transmit government information, including that which was top secret and confidential, despite laying out the case in his remarks and stating that anyone else would likely face legal action, the left had nothing but praise for Comey.

However, after Comey announced on Friday that an investigation into Hillary Clinton and Emailgate has been reopened due to the discovery of additional emails on a computer shared by Hillary’s top aide and confidante, Huma Abedin, and her pervert, sexual predator husband, Anthony Weiner, as the FBI investigated Weiner’s sexting scandal, the claws of the left came out.

HuffPo contributor Peter Emerson declared that Comey was as great a danger to democracy as Russian president Vladimir Putin. Former Obama advisor David Axelrod accused Comey of playing a game of CYA. Top Hillary Clinton surrogate Hilary Rosen told Comey to “put up or shut up.” Outgoing Senate minority leader Harry Reid sent a threatening letter to Comey accusing him of partisan actions in violating the Hatch Act and threatening to take legal action.

Even Hillary Clinton’s top advisor, campaign chair John Podesta, was highly critical of Comey calling the announcement of the reopening of the investigation “extraordinary.” Podesta also lashed out that Comey’s announcement was “long on innuendo and short on facts” and added that Comey “owes the public answers.”

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On Monday morning, however, Barack Obama broke from the tactics of other top Democrats who are attacking James Comey to instead express his support of Comey as a “man of integrity and principle.”

During a press conference, White House press secretary Josh Earnest addressed the issue of Comey by making it clear that Obama does not believe he is trying to influence the election.

“I’ll neither defend nor criticize what Director Comey has decided to communicate to the public about this investigation,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest. “The president doesn’t believe he’s secretly strategizing to benefit one candidate or political party. He’s in a tough spot.”

Unlike other Democrats who are now on the attack of Comey after singing his praises in the summer when he declined to charge Clinton, Earnest made it clear that Obama still “thinks highly” of Comey.

Mr. Earnest said the president believes Mr. Comey is “a man of integrity, a man of principle.”

Will the media downplay this rift in the Democrat party with its split between Obama’s stance and that of other leaders in the party or is talk of an “internal civil war” only reserved for the Republican Party?

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