HATE CRIME: Video: Two White Men BEATEN by Black Thugs. Take a Guess Why…

While few celebrate so-called “hate crimes,” many Americans oppose legislation that designates some crimes to be “hate crimes” and thus more-deserving of special legal attention.

Crimes ought to be prosecuted and the circumstances of these crimes taken into account. However, “hate crime” legislation is inherently flawed as the central premise behind such legislation is that some victims of violence or intimidation are more-important than others.

The idea behind “hate crime” legislation is to help heighten equality. However, in reality, it does the exact opposite by prioritizing the safety and well-being of some over others.

Such is the case in a recent beating in Utah. A man proudly displaying his love for southern culture and his friend were beaten by a gang of black thugs over a Confederate flag decal.

The incident was caught on a cell phone video. According to Fox 13 in Salt Lake,

The fight was over an argument about a Confederate flag decal on a truck parked at the Red Lion Hotel.

The truck belonged to Kelly Leeper’s friend. Leeper was in town for the Garth Brooks concert.

On Sunday, he said looked out the window of his room at the Red Lion and saw a group of African American men near his friend’s truck.

In the back of the truck, Leeper said there was $50,000 worth of welding equipment.

There was also a Confederate flag decal on the side.

“The point is it’s my right to drive what any kind of vehicle I want,” Leeper said. “If I want to fly the Confederate flag, it’s my right.”

Leeper went to the parking lot with his friend and confronted the group. That’s when the fight turned violent.

In one fast and powerful punch, Leeper’s friend was knocked out.

A scuffle ensued and Leeper was taken down by a group of six men.

“I’ll be damned if I ever come to Salt Lake again without bringing my gun,” Leeper said.

The fight was captured on cell phone video which has been turned over to Salt Lake City Police.

One should take notice of how these oh-so-principled thugs refused to fight one-on-one, but ganged-up on the second man as he tried to fight back.

This is hardly an isolated incident. Countless statues dedicated to southern heroes have been vandalized in recent months amidst a shocking politicization of all things Confederate. While graffiti designed to intimidate racial groups remains a “hate crime” by federal and many state authorities, such graffiti designed to intimidate whites and southerners is largely shrugged-off by law enforcement and prosecutors around the country.

These two young men were beaten for displaying a decal that others did not like. Had the roles been reversed and two black men had been assaulted by racists over a decal, it seems unlikely that there would be any question as to whether or not authorities would classify this beating as a “hate crime.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly the problem with “hate crime” legislation; it promotes inequality under the law.

Watch the incident below (Warning: it’s violent and shocking)

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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