Hateful, Intolerant and Anti-Christian ‘The View’ Host Calls Kim Davis Horrible Names

Image Credit: ABC/Disney's "The View"

Progressive leftist Democrats paint those who disagree with their anti-American, anti-freedom views as somehow being “intolerant.” Yet, the hate and vitriol that spews from these frothing at the mouth, rabid God-haters to anyone who disagrees with them never ceases to amaze most Americans.

Another perfect example of this intolerance and outright evil was the reaction to the stand of Kentucky Christian woman Kim Davis, who simply was taking a stand for religious liberty and the First Amendment’s guarantee to freedom of religion and was sent to spend six days in jail for refusing to bow to the leftist false god of homosexuality and the Supreme Court’s lawless proclamation that sodomy-based marriage is now somehow legal in all 50 states, despite what the voter’s positions are on the matter.

Co-host Michelle Collins, who is obviously trying to out-hate and out-nasty the other venom-spewing leftist kooks on ABC-Disney’s “The View,” personally attacked Kim Davis’s personal looks on Tuesday, a move that would typically be a major politically incorrect no-no with leftist feminists of Collins’ ilk, referred to Davis as a “bitch” and a “monster,” upon Davis’s release from federal prison.

The group also, predictably and hypocritically, attacked Davis’s being married four times, conveniently failing to mention that the divorces were before her becoming a Christian.

“Four times. She’s my top candidate for “this bitch got a man,” by the way. I’m like, four times? Have you seen the lady? [Gasps from the crowd.] I mean – Sorry. I’m serious. She’s a monster,” the unhinged and seething Michelle Collins shouted.

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Here again, we see a perfect example of the left’s love, peace, tolerance and understanding.

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