Hateful Progressive Professor Says He Wants to Kill White People; Calls it Political Speech

Rutgers Professor Kevin Allred

A hateful, intolerant and racist progressive college professor ended up in the psych ward after tweeting that he wanted to kill white people and is blaming the incident on an imaginary crackdown on free speech by Donald Trump, who won’t become POTUS until January 20, 2017.

Rutgers University adjunct professor Kevin Allred, who teaches a cultural Marxism brainwashing course called “Politicizing Beyonce,” and thinks that he has exposed Taylor Swift as a “racist,” was taken to the psych ward Tuesday night by the NYPD after being turned in by Rutgers campus police for making “threats to kill white people.”

The NY Daily News reports that Allred insisted that he’s perfectly sane, after being carted off to the Bellevue Hospital psych ward. Allred called the arrest an attack against his “First Amendment rights.”

But the NYPD said campus cops in New Brunswick, N.J., asked them to conduct “a wellness check … on the professor based on comments he made in the classroom and on Twitter about killing white people,” The Daily News Reported.

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Allred, an obvious progressive leftist, has also used his “free speech” to promote the burning of the American flag and the abolishment of Second Amendment rights for citizens to protect themselves. He claims that his Twitter account was temporarily suspended, but only after Twitter insisted that he remove a tweet before restoring his access.

“The Rutgers University Police Department … took all appropriate action,” said Rutgers spokesman Jeffrey Tolvin. “We have no further comment.”

Rutgers officials said that a student had filed a complaint about Allred, but did not elaborate.

Setting aside the complete insanity of a college paying someone 2-3 times to teach an idiotic class about politicizing a singer — sincerely, what good is that — taking a look at the “professor’s” Twitter feed shows that the mental evaluation may have gone awry in releasing him.

Allred, who appears to be white, is a racist who hates white people. Certainly, there has to be a mental evaluation code somewhere for this psychological problem under Obamacare:

And in case you didn’t know it, in Kevin Allred’s “mind,” Taylor Swift is a “racist.” Yep, he’s exposed her as a white supremacist:

Allred himself said that he was “barely holding on” before the election. Now he admits that he’s lost it. He’s talking about his mind, no?

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