HBO’s Movie ‘Confirmation’ About Justice Thomas and Anita Hill Is Pure Politics

HBO’s movie “Confirmation” aired this past Saturday. It portrays the confirmation hearings of Justice Clarence Thomas and a woman, Anita Hill, who accused him of sexual harassment.

The writer and producer, Susannah Grant, appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File and stated that the movie was in no way biased. First of all, this is HBO and that says enough. To say that HBO productions, particularly its docudramas like “Confirmation” and its documentaries, are far-left propaganda is the same as saying Bernie Sanders is an old Socialist. Ms. Grant would have us believe that HBO decided for once during its forty-four year history, to be objective.

The fact is that ever since the Democrat Party wet its beak in conservative blood by turning the Robert Bork confirmation into a disgusting exercise in personal destruction, slander, and disparagement, they changed the confirmation process forever. Even though Thomas was a black man, in their eyes, he was an enemy to be utterly destroyed because he was a conservative and, like with Bork, they were out for more blood.

Whatever you think of Justice Thomas’s confirmation hearings, here are some things to ponder.

He was confirmed in the end two to one, so Anita Hill’s accusations were not to be believed. Some years later, Anita Hill, a hard-core Democrat activist, defended Bill Clinton when HE was accused of the same sexual harassment charges. Let THAT sink in.

Then, there is this.

Why now?

Why did HBO decide to produce this movie now? Twenty-five years later. Why not five years ago? Two years ago?

Simple. The left is pissed off that the Republicans will not confirm Obama’s choice for Justice Scalia’s replacement on the High Court, Merrick Garland.

It is also an election year and HBO’s leftist leaders will use their network to carry water for the Left, attack republicans and conservatives and try and sway the audience through their cultural propaganda. “Confirmation” falls right in line with the lie of the “Republicans War on Women”.

Convenient timing, huh?

Some things you can know for sure, with 100% certainty. If Justice Thomas was a DEMOCRAT black candidate Justice back in 1991 and Anita Hill was a white woman, she would have been thoroughly denounced as a racist “bimbo” and thrown out of the room and HBO, twenty-five years later, would never have made this movie.

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Alex David
Alex David
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