He Lied About the KKK to Add Fuel to the #Mizzou Fire, Now He Has a New Strategic Partner

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Payton Head, the black and openly gay student president and homecoming king at the University of Missouri (Mizzou), added fuel to an already volatile situation on campus when he lied about the Ku Klux Klan being sighted on campus, encouraging people to stay away from windows and take precautions.

This was simply a ramping up of lies as the radicals on the campus in Columbia, Missouri forced the university president, Tim Wolfe, and chancellor out of their positions based upon a series of lies with the claim of an unsafe environment due to systemic racism and microaggressions on campus.

We aren’t supposed to notice the fact that Head is black or that most of the student executive board are students of color. We aren’t supposed to notice that Johnathan Butler, who contributed to this madness with a hunger strike and complaints of ‘white privilege’ has lived an incredibly privileged life in a $1.1 million house courtesy of his father who rakes in nearly $9 million a year as a railroad executive.

And now, we aren’t supposed to notice who the lying Payton Head is now working with to develop a strategy to continue to overthrow the system.

WeaselZippers discovered the tweet by Johnetta Elzie, the right hand person to #BlackLivesMatter’s top race hustler Deray McKesson, who is a paid activist.


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The #BlackLivesMatter anarchist movement is reportedly funded by America-hating, international socialist and billionaire George Soros who has made a fortune trashing the currency of foreign countries.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at this new bond and relationship to disrupt society. After all, Head hails from Chicago, where one of the nation’s top race hustlers and agitator-in-chief Barack Obama did his ‘community organizing.’ Head is also said to have interned in the office of Rahm ‘Deadfish’ Emanuel. Head, like some associated with #BlackLivesMatter, also has met with Obama at the White House.

Is all of this a coincidence? I think not.

Given Head’s ties to the radical political cesspool of Chicago, the history of the #BlackLivesMatter and the violence and disruption of the daily lives of innocent people within communities, expect the danger at Mizzou and other campuses throughout the country to increase as they work to overthrow the system in the creation of a race war.

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