HEARTWARMING: Army Major Mom Surprises Daughter During her ‘American Idol’ Audition [VIDEO]

I’m not a fan of American Idol. I watched it a few seasons years ago, but it has long been off of my DVR. But, with this being the final season, after a 15-year run, I have taken a little more notice. Although I am not watching it, I am intrigued about what former contestants they will bring back in the final season.

Will any of the original judges make a cameo appearance? As much as I like Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban, it is just not the same as it was with Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell.

But the one thing about American Idol that caught my eye, and ear, on Friday morning was not a cameo appearance by any star who returned to where they got the start to their fame and success. Instead, it was the performance by 15-year old Tristan McIntosh during the auditions in Nashville. As if her touching performance could not be topped, it was…by a surprise appearance by her military mother, Army Major Amy McIntosh.

Tristan was at the audition with many members of her family, including her father. She talked about how strange it was that her mother was not there because she is the musician that she is in large part because of her mom, who she sees as her hero. Her mother was almost about to retire, but was called back and asked to go serve in the Middle East.

Hearing her talk about her love for her mother, as well as the touching sensitivity in her beautiful voice during the audition as she sang “Why Baby Why” by Mickey Guyon was very moving. But, tears began to flow, by both the judges and this writer, when Tristan learned that her mother was there, hiding behind the screen as she sang. It was a surprise not only for Tristan, but also for her entire family who had no idea she was there.

Tristan did get three yeses from the judges and is on her way to the next stage of the competition in Hollywood. But, the real winning moment was seeing this mother and daughter reunited.

Have a box of tissues ready. You’re going to need it.

h/t FOX News

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