Heartwarming Selfless Act: Wedding Stopped by Father-of-the-Bride for the Most Unexpected Reason

Image Credit: Delia D. Blackburn Photography/FacebookImage Credit: Delia D. Blackburn Photography/Facebook

When you are a step-parent, one of the most delicate of days is the day your step-child gets married. Although that child may not have any of your DNA, he or she is, in your eyes, your son or daughter. After all, you have helped raise them.

You have wiped away tears, cheered successes, listened to stories about their day, given them guidance and advice, attended ball games or dance recitals, made their favorite meals, taught them how to drive, and loved them with all your heart just as if you would your own children.

But, on that wedding day, the step-parent always wonders what will happen. Do you stay as far out of the limelight as possible? Can you celebrate your step-child’s union openly with all the joy and pride that is in your heart or will your spouse’s ex intentionally try to exclude you from events or even the ceremony itself?

For one step-father in Ohio, all those questions were answered in the most selfless of ways by his step-daughter’s father on her wedding day.

Todd Bachman had the distinct honor, as fathers do, of walking his daughter Brittney down the aisle on her wedding day, but he recognized that there was someone else in Brittney’s life who had been a father to her when he could not be there; Brittney’s step-dad Todd Cendrosky.

Bachman took his daughter’s hand and led her to the beginning of the aisle. Rather then immediately begin the procession, he turned around, walked up to Cendrosky and grabbed his hand. He wanted Cendrosky to experience the blessing of walking Brittney, who he had raised as his daughter, too. The two men then walked their daughter down the aisle together.

The photographer, Delia D. Blackburn, captured the entire beautiful act including the two men, a father and a step-father, arm in arm as they give their daughter away in marriage and posted about it on Facebook.


In that moment, Bachman set aside his ego to show his appreciation for a man who loved his daughter and made sacrifices for her as well. and to model for his daughter true appreciation and compassion. There is no doubt that there was not a dry eye in the place. Bachman’s selfless act was a reflection of what any wedding day is all about.


See all the pictures of this heartwarming and selfless moment HERE.

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