Here are the Code Words Muslim Men from Florida Used as They Conspired to Join ISIS

If you had any doubt that ISIS is here, if you believe the lies told by the Obama regime that America has never been more safe, then keep reading for a real eye-opener.

The FBI has three men from Palm Beach, Florida in custody, charged with conspiring and attempting to support the Islamic State. One of the men was en route to Syria in order to meet up with ISIS and engage in “violent jihad.” As the men planned their terrorism in the name of Allah, they used the code words of “soccer team” when talking about ISIS and “playing soccer” as they discussed their plans to actually join ISIS.

The men in question are 52-year old Gregory Hubbard, 50-year old Darren Jackson, and 31-year old Dayne Christian.

Assistant Attorney General Carlin shared details of what led to the men being charged.

“According to the complaint, these defendants conspired and attempted to provide material support to ISIL and one of the defendants was arrested attempting to travel overseas to join and fight for the deadly terrorist organization.”

“Hubbard purchased an airplane ticket to Germany, where he planned to board a train to Turkey and then head to Syria. Hubbard was arrested on July 21, 2016, at Miami International Airport prior to the first leg of his overseas trip. Jackson, who had driven Hubbard to the airport, was arrested after he left the airport premises. Christian was arrested at his place of work.”

The plan was uncovered when the men began interacting with an informant. Hubbard introduced both Jackson and Christian to the informant. During conversations, the men revealed both their support for the terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, also committed by a Muslim, as well as other attacks. They added that the felt persecuted because they are Muslims.

In speaking about the Orlando terrorist attack, Hubbard said, “That nightclub was a soft target and regardless if they were gay or not, it was blood for blood and it was an added bonus that they were gay.

A neighbor of Hubbard’s said that while overall he seemed like a normal person, he did witness him doing one thing he found odd. Hubbard used to shoot birds.

Could this shooting of birds have been part of his practice for jihad in America? Hubbard spoke to the informant about attacking “soft targets” in the United States.

The men face 20 years in prison if convicted.

Christian also exposed a huge hole in the Left’s claim that gun control laws work, revealing instead that criminals and terrorists do not obey laws. He is a convicted felon but was in possession of multiple firearms, including an AK-47 that he bought a year ago. Due to Christian’s illegal possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, he faces an additional 10 years in prison, on top of the potential 20, if convicted.

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