Here is How Police in Tempe, Arizona Dealt with ‘Protesters’ Blocking the Street

Jarrett Maupin being taken into custody in Tempe, Arizona.

For some reason, those who say they are protesting against oppression think it is okay for them to oppress others by blocking major roads, thoroughfares, and sometimes highways in a sick effort to garner sympathy for their cause. I guess they think preventing people from getting to work  or to their kids at school and preventing first responders, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles from getting to where they need to be will force people into complying with their demands.

On Monday morning, people led by “Reverend” Jarrett Maupin quickly turned from protesters to anarchists when they began to block streets and refused to move as they blocked areas around Tempe’s Mill Avenue Bridge which is not far from Arizona State University. They were out protesting the death of Dalvin Hollins who was shot by police after he robbed a Walgreens then barricaded himself inside a senior center. They are demanding that the officer involved, Lt. Ed Ouimette whose body camera was not on at the time of the shooting, be fired…or else. Ouimette is currently on industrial leave with no target date for return.

So, what do they mean by ‘or else?’ They said if their demands are not met their protests will “intensity.”

Based upon how Tempe Police handled those who blocked the streets, however, they may want to rethink their plan to bully their way into getting what they want.

When ‘protesters’ were instructed several times to get out of the road and stop blocking the streets and didn’t comply, they were taken into custody in handcuffs. Police announced over the megaphone that anyone who remained in the street would be arrested.

This announcement came after Maupin instructed his sheeple to remain in the street despite police asking them to move to the sidewalk for everyone’s safety.

Maupin was one of the ones arrested. Notice how the race baiting instigator refused to even walk, instead dragging his feet for a photo op moment no doubt to use in later propaganda.

Tempe Police tweeted that Maupin was indeed taken into custody after several commands to cease impeding a public thoroughfare.

Two more people were taken into custody after refusing to comply with commands to get out of the street.

It looks like the third time was the charm in police convincing people that they meant business. After the third arrest, the people began to get on the sidewalk.

Take note police departments around America, dealing with people blocking streets in anarchy-style protest is like dealing with toddlers, to a degree. When you give a command and state the consequence, then you must follow through so that people know you mean business. Here’s the difference, while a toddler may throw a temper tantrum by holding their breath or stomping their feet, the tantrum of these “protesters” will wreak havoc, destruction, and violence. We’ve seen it in Ferguson. We’ve seen it in Baltimore. We’ve seen it most recently in Charlotte.

Good for Tempe Police for sending a message with arresting those who didn’t follow orders and continued to block the roads. The question is will this be the end of it, or will Maupin, once released escalate his shakedown tactics by resorting to violence as the racial grievance industry profiteers before him have done.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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