Here’s What Donald Trump Tweeted After Obama Endorsed Hillary

Donald Trump frequently takes to Twitter to express his opinion on anything and everything. It’s his social media weapon of choice to the point where he tells reporters, “Check my Twitter account.”

After Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton, no doubt many a reporter instantly went to his Twitter account to see what Trump was saying.

Of course, he used his ‘Crooked Hillary’ nickname but is that sticking like he wants it to?

What do you think? Did he hit hard enough or is this a little weak?

Hillary’s response was perhaps the least self-aware tweet ever.

Perhaps she thought this was a good idea since ‘Delete Your Account’ was trending so she could capitalize on its popularity. But, coming from someone under investigation by the FBI for using a private email server, housed in someone’s bathroom, for official government business and accused of deleting emails so as to thwart the investigation, that email shows that Hillary could give a damn…or is she really just that dense.

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