Here’s the Scene from the DNC Convention the Media Doesn’t Want You to See [VIDEO]

If you’ve watched any of the coverage from the leftstream media of the Democratic National Convention, then you’d think that everything is running smooth as silk with love between all filling the air. It’s likely no small coincidence that they are holding their convention in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. The Left has tried to depict themselves as being about love between all…unless, of course, you’re a conservative then they hate your guts and go after you like attack dogs. But, I digress.

The reality is that there is chaos at the DNC that the Democrat Media Complex doesn’t want you to know about. In fact, there is more than chaos. There are loud, raucous demonstrations verging in anarchy that police are working to control.

Now we know why the Democrats hypocritical erected a four-mile eight-foot fence around the perimeter of the convention. They were trying to keep people out because they didn’t want a scene created by supporters of socialist Bernie Sanders that would reveal their claims of “unity” to be a sham.

Check out what is really going on at the DNC. It is crazy and out of control but you probably won’t see it on any of the cable news channels.

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In addition to the chaos outside, there was more dysfunction and, according to a Bernie Sanders delegate, dirty tricks by the DNC inside. He detailed how the Democrats were using “paid seat fillers” to create the illusion of unity. He added, if you got up and left the room, you were replaced with a seat filler and not allowed back.

This accusation ties into an ad posted on Craigslist looking for “actors” for the DNC.

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The Democrats are masters of manipulation and optics.

Did you notice the American flags placed on the stage after social media was all abuzz that there were none? They were placed in such a way so the DNC could say “see we have some now” though they were partially hidden and nowhere near the podium.

Did you notice that instead of flags they had large signs with “AMERICA” written on them after the social media backlash that the American flag was missing?

Did you notice when Obama spoke those “AMERICA” signs were replaced with sycophantic, worshipping “OBAMA” signs being waved by nearly everyone. And, yes, Obama was in his typical hypocrite form as he said, “Our power doesn’t come from some self-declared savior promising that he alone can restore order as long as we do things his way.”

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Did you notice that when a keyword was uttered, for example, when Obama uttered the words ‘thank you,’ magically nearly everyone lifted a sign in the air with “THANK YOU” written on them?

Yes, the Democrats are masters of manipulation to create the optics they want you to believe.

Spread this far and wide to show that there is not unity at the DNC. In fact, there is sheer chaos verging on anarchy that makes the dysfunction at the RNC in Cleveland last week look like a kumbaya festival.

The media just isn’t showing it.

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