Here’s the Real Reason Why the Washington Post Attacked Ted Cruz’s Children

This week, the Washington Post ran a cartoon from Pulitzer Prize cartoonist Ann Telnaes showing Ted Cruz’s two daughters, Caroline & Catherine (ages 5 and 7) as dancing like small monkeys before their father (who is Hispanic), dressed as an organ-grinder.

Ms. Telanes offered these disclaimers with her cartoon: Ted Cruz uses his kids as political props”; “they are fair game;”don’t start screaming when editorial cartoonists draw them as well.”

Just for a second, just try and imagine the Washington Post running the same cartoon, but replacing Mr. Cruz with President Obama and the young girls, his daughters. Just thinking if it would qualify as a hate crime punishable by Federal Laws.

The WaPo, after the news hit the internet and created a firestorm, pulled the cartoon. Don’t think for a second that they did so because they found the cartoon truly objectionable and as being against their standards or journalistic ethics. They pulled it only because of the negative publicity. PERIOD.

Why would Ms. Telnaes draw such a despicable cartoon? Why would the WaPo publish it? What could possibly motivate such behavior? It is actually simple. When in comes to Republicans and Conservatives: THE LEFT HATES YOUR GUTS.

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Over the years, I have reached out to many folks on the left and have tried to discuss our ideological differences. In doing so, I would put forth an apology of sorts on what I believe (and why) regarding a wide variety of events and subjects and inquire as to their point of view.

I have been successful in contacting some well-known figures on the left and many not so well known (but nevertheless, influential). Other than a prominent author of Esquire Magazine, the usual responses I received back have either been dismissive, ugly, mean or vitriolic.

Last year, I wrote an article about the “Truthy” project at Indiana University. I followed up by reaching out to all the principal Investigators, Research Team & Alumni, associated with the project. The bios of the folks associated with the project along with the sources they used in their publications show clear evidence of their progressive, liberal political leanings. I simply wanted to communicate and explain why a conservative taxpayer (who is therefore helping pay for this project) would have a hard time trusting “Truthy” since it is headed and run mostly (if not completely) by progressive liberals.

The sole response I received back was from Karissa McKelvey, who is part of the research team. Her response? Two words: “Go Away”. It should be noted that it states in her bio that she is a “people person”. I am not making this up.

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Her response has been tame compared to many I have received in the past. Many professors from well-regarded universities have spewed vile profanities at me. Others, (a high-level well-known spokesperson for the Southern Poverty Law Center comes to mind) have been extremely uncivil to me in their responses. Many more have gone so far as to wish me and my family bodily harm or death.

One of the best articles I have read about the left’s true feelings about those who do not agree with them is: “They Hate Our Guts & They’re Drunk On Power” by P.J. O’Rourke. I remember reading it and feeling validated since I had experienced firsthand, the vicious hate of the left. In the past, I have had candidate yard signs destroyed, my tires on my car cut, bumper stickers slashed and removed, my car keyed and spit on, and once a guy tried to run me off the road. Seriously, this happened. My crimes? Being a conservative and supporting Republican candidates.

I read articles from both right and left websites and blogs. I read the comments as well. Those of us on the right can sometimes be harsh, no question.

s on the right can sometimes be harsh, no question. But we do not even come close to the vile hate that the left exhibits. Not by light years. So, to remind conservatives: They hate you. No, really. They do. They hate everything you stand for, your ideas, your way of life, your ethics, your morals, your faith, where you eat, your guns, your hobbies, your heroes, your mentors, your leaders, where you shop, everything about you. They hate you, your family, your friends and your pets.

And if you are a black conservative, oh boy, they have a SPECIAL kind of hate for you; hate that would make Bull Conner (D) proud. Keep in mind that many times they attempt to explain their hate by way of rationalization, stating they hate you because you’re stupid, ignorant, “low information”, hayseed fly-over country moronic plebes not worth any respect.

The aforementioned Ms. McKelvey and her ilk that are busy spending your taxpayer money creating scientific tools to be used against you in the political arena do not want to hear one word you have to say. Nor do political cartoonists like Ann Telnaes from the Washington Post. They do not want to debate you. They do not care one whit if your premises and beliefs are reasonable, cogent and well thought out. Their goal is for you (as she so eloquently put it) to “go away”. Make no mistake, they’re hard at work making sure you do so. The combined power of academia and government are working tirelessly towards that goal and they have no qualms using your taxpayer money to further it.

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The left is exceedingly effective because their activists are intensely motivated and work really hard at attacking you from every corner of the political universe. They are relentless. So what to do, huh?


Be a real activist for our causes. I know…. we are all very busy considering we actually work for a living in the private marketplace as opposed to being funded by the government or by academia’s teat like Ms. McKelvey, however, periodically, take some time to fight back.


Social Media is incredibly effective and our side has been using it rather effectively, but not to the potential it offers. Almost every principle investigator, research team member & alumni associated with the “Truthy” project published their Twitter name and email address. Imagine if millions of folks flooded them with our say in the matter.

Every time you read an article by someone of the left attacking conservatives, you can conduct a fairly quick search and get their email address or Twitter account name. Send them YOUR retort. Get others in your circle to do the same. Fight them with words, ideas and actions. Always be civil, but firm in your convictions and never give in!

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Alex David
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