Hero of California School Stabbing Incident Says it Changed His Mind on Guns

Since the days of Hammurabi, murder has been illegal. By liberal logic (if there is such a thing), the world should have long been free from unjustifiable killing and yet, murder persists.

Similarly, there are laws in every state that detail where a person can and cannot bring a gun. Still, if recent shootings across college campuses can teach us anything, it is that criminals, by their very definition, do not follow laws.

Policies designating a campus a “gun-free” zone do nothing but advertise the fact that the law-abiding population within such a zone are incapable of defending themselves.

Whether the assailant chooses a knife, a gun or a pressure cooker bomb, the fact is that the only thing that stops a crazed madman is a good guy with the means of stopping the carnage.

Last week, four students were stabbed at the University of California, Merced, and the “hero” of the incident has declared that the tragedy has changed his mind on guns.

The man who stepped-in to stop a stabbing on the campus now says that he wished he had had a concealed firearm on him- a departure from his original line of thinking on the subject.

The Blaze reports:

The construction worker being called a hero after he stepped into the middle of a stabbing at the University of California, Merced, initially thinking he was stopping a fight Wednesday, has apparently said he wished he had a gun on him at the time.

Byron Price told KGPE-TV’s Joey Horta, a reporter who is his soon-to-be brother-in-law, that he changed his mind about concealed carry weapons.

“He wishes he had one when this all unfolded for him today,” Horta said in his broadcast on the news station Wednesday night. “He has four little kids waiting for him at home tonight, two of those from his fiancé. They are getting married next year. The good news is he’s back home with all of them tonight.”…

Price was stabbed in the side in the incident that unfolded Wednesday morning and felt the blade hit bone, he told KGPE.

“It’s hot, really warm,” he said the the sensation of being stabbed. “It didn’t hurt because there was so much going on.”

Price received nine staples in his side to close the wound after he drove himself to an area hospital and was later discharged.

The incident has had very little light shined upon it by the mainstream media as it directly contradicts the “guns cause crime” narrative much preferred.

It’s true that a knife can often cause less mass carnage than an armed gunman. However, whether it’s a knife, a homemade bomb or an AR15, the cause of murder is human- not an object.

Oh- and the name of the crazed attacker, Faisal Mohammad, was also glanced-over by the liberal media. I’ll let you figure out exactly why that is…

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