Hey, Huckabee: Your Strange Temper Tantrum Isn’t Very Becoming

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee wanted to be on the main debate stage. In fact, he really, really wanted to be on the main debate stage.

After bombastic billionaire and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump declined to attend the GOP Debate hosted by FOX News in Iowa, Huckabee saw it as his chance to make his way to the main stage, a place he had been booted from several debates ago due to his poor performance in the polls. He simply didn’t meet the requirements.

It seems that Huckabee approached FOX News with his gracious offer to take Trump’s spot. It should be noted that Trump’s RCP National polling average is 35.3. Huckabee’s is two.

Given the great discrepancy and the fact that Huckabee’s numbers did not qualify him for the main stage, it should be no surprise that FOX declined. But, in what appears to be an effort to gain some traction through sympathy and tapping into the public’s distrust of media, Huckabee is trying to make it out to be about more than that.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday, Huckabee said his offer to take the center podium reserved for the frontrunner was “unceremoniously” rejected.

Really, Huckabee? Should FOX News have changed the rules for you simply because you made the offer? Do you think that you, polling at two percent, should have been able to take the center podium, reserved for the frontrunner, simply because you offered?

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Yes, you won the Iowa caucus in 2008. Yes, you used to have a show on FOX News. But none of those things should factor into preferential treatment for you in the debate.

This temper tantrum makes you look very small, Governor Huckabee. It’s not very becoming.

h/t Washington Examiner

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