HILARIOUS: Ted Cruz Perfectly Acts Out One of his Favorite Movie Scenes [VIDEO]

Texas Senator, constitutional conservative and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is often accused of being too serious and not being able to lighten things up.

But, Cruz put those allegations to rest with a brilliant comedic display during a ‘candidate cafe’ segment for WMUR in New Hampshire.

As Cruz sat around a table with potential voters, he brilliantly acted out a scene involving Billy Crystal and Carol Kane from the iconic movie The Princess Bride. It was revealed on Glenn Beck’s radio show a few weeks ago that Cruz has an audiographic memory. If he hears something, he can remember it and repeat it with the exact same inflections and idiosyncrasies as in the original.

That is the reason that he can tell the same story over and over again at different speeches exactly the same. It is a blessing that Cruz views sometimes as a curse because he says that’s the reason that people believe he is rehearsed.

During the GOP debate on CNBC, however, Cruz demonstrated just how powerful such a memory is when he called out the moderators for their character assassination style questions.

Now, Cruz shows how that type of memory can be beneficial in another way. His recollection of the scene of The Princess Bride, which he says is one of his favorite movies, had those around him laughing with delight as they witnessed a more humorous side of Ted Cruz. He is absolutely spot on with his acting out of the movie scene.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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