Hillary Blamed her Coughing Fit on a ‘Trump Allergy’ but This Video Shows It’s Been Chronic for Years

During  a rally on Labor Day, Hillary Clinton exposed those in attendance to her hacking cough for over four and a half minutes. She laughed it off and blamed it on a “Trump allergy” but actor Adam Baldwin shared a video from February 2016 on Twitter that shows just how long this cough has plagued Hillary – eight years.

Many would say, including Hillary herself, that questions about Hillary’s health, though she has suffered a blood clot, concussion, and other ailments, are a “right wing conspiracy. However, she made her health an issue when she claimed 39 times during the FBI interview about Emailgate that she could not remember different things due to her concussion.

This video is also quite damning and, incidentally, a little disgusting to listen to and watch. Even worse, this isn’t even an exhaustive compilation of her hacking coughing fits. On a different note, Marco Rubio was ridiculed for having to take a sip of water during a speech for a brief cough yet we’re supposed to think nothing of Hillary’s chronic hacking?

When John McCain ran for president in 2008, the Democrats insisted on a full-blown assessment of his health yet with Hillary, they are largely silent. Obama’s former doctor has even gone on record recently as saying Hillary Clinton should undergo a full neurological exam. If he sees this video, he might call for a more thorough exam than that.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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