Hillary Blames Lack of Support on ‘Republican Propaganda’

Hillary Clinton is without a doubt the dirtiest politician that has ever darkened American politics. Nixon was bad, Obama was worse, but none compare to Hillary Clinton and her endless string of corrupt dealings and outrageous abuses.

From mounting smear campaigns against her husband’s sexual assault victims to shrugging-off the Benghazi terrorist attack, Hillary has proven time and time again that her only allegiance is to herself.

On Monday, during a campaign event in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Hillary was confronted about her inability to lead a nation. When a protester countered her claim that conservative Governor Matt Bevin was attempting to “undo” the “progress” made by former Democrat Governor Steve Beshear, Hillary explained that she was only opposed to Hillary because she’s been misled by “Republican propaganda.”

“Now you are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts,” Clinton said to the protester in the crowd. “I’ll be happy when I finish talking to everybody else for you to come over here and you can tell me what you are saying and we can talk and hear what’s on your mind.”

She explained that the protester was misinformed and didn’t have the facts.

“The facts are really clear. Because of [Medicaid], which [Beshear] expanded, hundreds of thousands of working Kentuckians have healthcare for the first time,” Clinton explained.

Evidently, getting more Americans on government handouts is considered “progress.” Most would logically surmise that getting more people off of government dependency would be the mark of “progress.”

Hillary continued, “I’ll tell you what the truth is, but it’s time people stop listening to Republican propaganda about the economy, education and healthcare.”

We’re $19 trillion in debt, our education system is a joke (despite outspending most other nations) and our healthcare system is nowhere close to being economically sustainable and it disincentivizes medical innovation.

That’s not “Republican propaganda”; that is just plain reality.

Since the moment she and her husband emerged into the national political spotlight, Hillary and Bill Clinton have been engulfed in scandal. From Whitewater to countless sexual harassment claims, the White House was dragged into a quagmire of filthy politics.

Since leaving office, the Clintons have not been squeaky clean. They have amassed a sizeable fortune by speaking to groups and arranging six-figure speaking fees while asserting that they understand the plight of the hardworking, blue-collar middle class.

After a failed 2008 presidential bid, Hillary was offered a consolation prize for being a dutiful Democrat and she became the Secretary of State. During her time in this post, the prestige of the U.S. slipped all around the globe and our foreign policy centered on groveling and bargaining from a position of weakness.

In September of 2012, Islamic militants launched attacks on our embassy in Egypt and our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans were murdered, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. A group of highly-trained operatives were nearby, waiting to assist, but were told by the State Department to stand-down.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack, the Obama Administration began immediately pushing a demonstrably false narrative concerning a protest gone awry and blamed this fictitious protest on a YouTube video that supposedly insulted Islam. The filmmaker was promptly arrested and imprisoned.

Since then, Hillary and Obama have worked to push Benghazi out of the spotlight. Hillary even infamously questioned, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” in response to a congressional inquiry regarding the nature of the terrorist attack that left four Americans dead.

As she navigated the globe and allegedly sold influence to foreign nationals in exchange for hefty donations to her inevitable campaign, Hillary concealed her activities by maintaining a private email account that operated over an unsecured server where any bored, halfway-competent Geek Squad employee could have gained access to some of the U.S.’s top national security secrets.

Clinton has since played dumb regarding who did what and when, but her contract with the State Department, which she signed, explicitly forbade such an email account over which she transmitted over 2,000 classified and top-secret documents.

Some of these documents were so top-secret that many congressional investigators investigating Clinton’s crime have been stymied as they do not possess the top-level security clearance to see the documents she was transmitting.

Since having been caught red-handed, Clinton has attempted to destroy evidence and has at various points shifted blame onto others. She has since settled on a narrative asserting that she didn’t know that the 2,000+ documents were classified because nobody told her not to share them over an unsecured email server.

These are the facts of Hillary’s resume.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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