SAY WHAT? Hillary and Commie NY Mayor Tell Racist Joke [VIDEO]

Have the Democrats become so emboldened with getting a pass on their manipulation of blacks that they now feel comfortable telling an outright racist joke?

That appears to be precisely the case and it was put on full display by corrupt liar and Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton along with commie New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (previously known as Warren Wilhelm, Jr.).

Every year in New York, they hold the Inner Circle Show during which local political journalists gather with politicians and make fun of them. While performing a skit for the show, however, Clinton and de Blasio took a swipe at black people with a racist joke at their expense.

During their skit, de Blasio joked that he didn’t endorse Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid sooner because he was operating on “CP time,” that is “colored people time. (video below)

After the joke fell flat, Hillary tried to pass “CP time” off as meaning “cautious politician,” but that’s not what they meant.

The racist duo was called out on Twitter.

The racist joke can be heard at app. the 8:55 mark in this video.

h/t Twitchy

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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