Hillary Clinton Cares So Much for the Environment that She Took a Plane for a 20 Mile Trip

It looks like partying the night away with the wealthy, elite 1%ers that Hillary likes to rail about, that’s if they are on the right side of the political aisle, is far more important to the climate change evangelist Hillary Clinton than “saving the environment.”

But, hey, what’s “Pantsuit” to do when she has back to back, high dollar shindigs, one to celebrate her husband, Slick Willy’s birthday on Martha’s Vineyard with the Obama, who was too busy golfing to go tour the flood ravaged state of Louisiana, and another to raise big campaign bucks from the hypocritical elitists on the left, led by Grandma Cher, in Nantucket.

FOX News captured Hillary’s departure for the plane after her 20 mile ride.

How about we just call her “Hypocrite Hillary?”

h/t The American Mirror

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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