Hillary Featured in Hilarious Michael Jackson Parody Video: ‘Delete It’

Hillary Clinton can’t seem to dodge Emailgate gate no matter how much she tries. And, oh, does she ever try.

Her story on her use of a private email server and the deletion of its content has changed more than Donald Trump has changed his immigration position. Now thanks to “Demand the Outdoors” on YouTube, Hillary’s pathetic and lie-filled cover-up will reach more of the masses.

The YouTube comedy outlet put together a parody of the embattled, perpetual liar and Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and her philandering husband Bill for her use of the private email server which was housed in someone’s bathroom.

In the hilarious video, Bill can also be seen frantically deleting emails.

There’s a reason so many people don’t view Hillary Clinton as trustworthy or truthful. She’s a liar who will do anything to maintain her power and increase her wealth, even if it means endangering national security with the reckless use of an email server to send top secret and sensitive information.

h/t Daily Caller

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Jennifer Burke
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