Hillary Gives an Answer That Breaks the Dials During Frank Luntz Focus Group

Hillary Focus Group

Democrat presidential nominee, perhaps the most dishonest politician in a generation — in either party — gave a record-breaking answer during one of pollster Frank Luntz’s popular focus groups.

When Hillary Clinton gave a certain answer, it pushed Luntz’s dials into historically negative territory.

“That was one of the worst responses on the campaign trail I have ever seen — not just in this election,” Luntz said.

And as you can see from the image of the collective dials from the focus group Frank Luntz conducted for CBS News, the repudiation was bipartisan, with both Republicans and Democrats giving Hillary Clinton the thumbs down.

Shockingly, Democrats in the focus group viewed Hillary’s comments even more negatively than Republicans.

Images source: CBS News

The reaction from regular American voters turned so negative after they viewed a clip of Hillary Clinton arguing that she has “tried” to “level with the American people.”

“You don’t try to tell the truth. Either you do or you don’t,” Luntz said about the results.

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