Hillary’s New Campaign Strategy: Try to Appear ‘Fun’ and ‘Authentic’… Mockery Ensues

Hillary continues to struggle on the campaign trail time and time again, her polling suggests that people simply do not trust her. Though she can fully expect to carry the diehard liberal vote if she should get the nod, that, alone, does not grant her the presidency and her troubles come at a time when Republican frontrunner Donald Trump continues to climb.

Besides the scandals plaguing the former secretary of state, Clinton has an image problem. She comes off as approachable as a badger and is inherently unlikable. With her campaign oozing with testiness and canned photo-ops, she comes off as fake and the polling suggests that where Obama thrived, Hillary is failing.

To help remedy this, the Hillary campaign has pivoted to a new, more pop culture-friendly strategy.

It’s not going well…

The grandmother recently sat down with ABC’s David Muir as a means of showing her emotional side in a desperate ploy to connect with voters.

Clinton appeared on Ellen Degenerees’ show for a taping on Tuesday and the show will air on Thursday. The candidate even awkwardly danced for a bit, much to the horror of any who witnessed it.

Degeneres fawned over the candidate and claimed that the email scandal was overblown. The scandal includes Hillary transmitting classified materials over an unsecured server repeatedly.

“You are the smartest and most qualified person for the job,”Degeneres claimed after noting that she’s “not political.” “If I want to hire a plumber, I want someone who has snaked a drain before.” Degeneres is a longtime supporter of Hillary and even endorsed her candidacy as far back as 2012.

On Ellen, Hillary even danced with a five-year-old girl who possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of presidential facts. (WARNING: The image of Clinton awkwardly dancing with a confused little girl is just… just awful. PolitiStick will not be held legally or ethically responsible for any night terrors or horrible images haunting your dreams.)

The media strategy, however, is already off to a rocky start. Former top adviser to President Obama David Axelrod slammed the forced media interactions as being better suited for The Onion, a satirical newspaper, than reality.

Axelrod tweeted about a New York Times story that details how Hillary plans to be more authentic and spontaneous, an idea that Axelrod blasted as being absurd.


Axelrod knows a thing or two about the cultivation of personality. As the top campaign adviser in 2008 to Barack Obama, he helped craft the long-con that became the Obama presidency by developing a cult of personality that was, all at once, nauseating and highly effective.

Women fawned over the candidate; men worshipped the “cool” senator. People mindlessly chanted phrases like “Yes, we can” and “change!”

No such cult exists for Hillary. She’s icy and even when she’s being nice and outgoing, it comes off as incredibly fake and forced.

Add to this fact that the DNC is desperately looking for a suitable second-string candidate, and Hillary is in trouble.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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