Hillary’s Podesta Claims Hillary’s Email Server More Secure Than Either White House or Defense Department [VIDEO]

Longtime Clintonista and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta was put on the defensive by CBS’s Charlie Rose and Nora O’Donnell on Tuesday over the security of Hillary’s infamous email server.

The question at hand is whether the Russians have hacked Hillary’s private email server set-up she used while serving as the Obama Regime’s secretary of state.

Podesta, who has been lying to cover-up every Clinton scandal since the 1990’s, actually argued that Hillary’s server is probably “more secure” than the White House or the Department of Defense’s security apparatus.

Washington Free Beacon transcribed the conversation from CBS This Morning:

“In light of that, should you not assume that Hillary Clinton’s server was hacked?” Rose asked.

“No,” Podesta said.

“Why not?” Rose asked.

“Because there was no evidence of it, because the FBI—,” Podesta said.

“People hack without being discovered,” Rose said.

“Well, they discovered the DNC, didn’t they?” Podesta said. “And when they did the forensics, they found out who did it.”

“But if they could do it with the DNC and with the White House and the State Department, why couldn’t they do it with Hillary Clinton?” Rose asked.

Podesta said the year-long FBI investigation into Clinton’s server could not find proof of a hacking, although he admitted it was not definitive. FBI Director James Comey, in his statements regarding the investigation into Clinton’s server, said that her server may have been hacked.

Nevertheless, Podesta tried to argue that Clinton’s server was more secure than those of the White House and Department of Defense.

“One could argue that this was even a more secure system than others,” he said.

Because the Russians could hack the Department of Defense, but not Hillary’s illegal set-up in her basement or bathroom or wherever the hell it was?

Prediction: Proof will be forthcoming that the Russians hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server, the one she kept her dirty tricks and schemes on, and Podesta and other paid liars will use the narrative, “Well, the Russians can hack anybody, see?” to provide cover for Hillary.

This conversation is the first step in laying the foundation for the coming deception.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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