Hillary’s Running Mate Says it ‘Feels Like I Got Kidnapped’

Hillary Clinton’s VP running mate Tim Kaine was asked what it feels like to be a nominee for Vice President of the United States on Friday. and his answer is a bit of a jaw-dropper, considering the shady history of the Clinton’s.

His answer is a bit of a jaw-dropper, considering the shady history of the Clintons.

According to Politico, Kaine was asked by Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow , “Well, what is it like?”

“It feels like I got kidnapped,” Kaine answered.

Gaffe alert anybody?

“Kidnapped” could mean a lot of different things, but the one thing it probably doesn’t mean is “top of the world” or “the greatest single experience of my life.”

One can imagine playing second fiddle to the highly unlikeable Hillary Clinton isn’t a walk in the park, so you have to feel for Kaine.

One of the top duties of a running mate is to always make the presidential nominee look good and to never embarrass them.

Kaine was chosen because he was viewed to be nearly gaffe-proof (And, let’s face it, because he’s a white male, something no one wants to talk about but it’s really the only large demographic where Trump holds an advantage).

If saying that being Hillary Clinton’s running mate is the equivalent of being kidnapped turns out to be his worst gaffe, then he’s doing a pretty good job.

Lord knows that Joe Biden has proven you can deliver a gaffe-a-minute and still not necessarily hurt the top of the ticket.

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Matthew K. Burke
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