Trump Supporter Attacked by Violent Mob in California [VIDEO]

In El Cajon, California, people gathered together to “protest” the shooting death of a black man, Alfred Olango, by police. In the video, Olango is clearly holding an object that appears to be a gun, pointing at police and refusing to drop it. But, as usual, facts and investigations are irrelevant to those who simply want to tear down society and protest against “oppression” by oppressing other people.

Case in point is what happened to a Trump supporter, identified as Feras Jabro, when he found himself in the mix of these protesters who very quickly showed their violent tendencies.

The unidentified supporter found himself to be the target of these hypocritical, violent leftists. He was chased, kicked, pushed to the ground and had bottles thrown at him. All this because he was wearing a Trump campaign signature “Make America Great Again” red baseball cap.

The attack was caught on video by FOX News’ correspondent Will Carr who tweeted the video with the message, “ protesters chase Trump supporter while throwing bottles

Here is Jabro’s firsthand account of how he was attacked.

Of course, the “tolerant, loving left” did what they typically do. They came up with reasons why a guy who did nothing but wear a baseball cap people didn’t like “deserved” the beat-down he received.

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