Miracle: Hollywood Heavyweights Blast ‘Spoiled Brats’ Who ‘Cry Racism’ Over Oscars

When understanding egalitarian belief systems, it is important to understand the difference between “equality of opportunity” and “equality of outcome.”

The recent ridiculous dust-up over the Oscars is a terrific example that highlights the difference between the two concepts. While several black actors and guilty white liberals have pledged to boycott the Oscars due to the fact that no black actors populate the “Best Actor” category, their gripes possess no merit as Hollywood is filled with steadily-employed black actors. Thus, it cannot be said that there is an inequality of opportunity.

What they desire is an equality of outcome- for those who do not merit Oscar nominations to receive them anyway based on the color of their skin. This concept is nothing short of downright racism.

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While much of the pansy Hollywood elite have rushed to cower to the politically correct bullies, a few have stood-up for commonsense, including some Hollywood heavy-hitters.

Gerald Molen, a voting member of the Academy and a man who earned a best picture Oscar for producing Schindler’s List, blasted the “spoiled brats” who are “crying racism.”

“There is no racism except for those who create an issue. That is the worst kind. Using such an ugly way of complaining,” Molen stated in an interview.

“The idea of a boycott is ridiculous,” Molen said. “Are their noses bent out of shape by the award nominations? Of course. That is normal in a town of egos and red carpet desires. While there were many performances of note, not all my choices for ‘best’ in the various categories have been realized.”

“I say to all my co-members: ‘stop acting like spoiled brats. Look to the next awards show for recognition – if you deserve it’.”

He also took-on Hollywood morons by name:

“As far as Michael Moore is concerned, he is a socialist always looking to insert his brand of racist hatred. Spike Lee — haven’t I heard this from him before?”

Others have joined in the criticism. Sir Michael Caine offered patient advice:

“There’s loads of black actors. In the end you can’t vote for an actor because he’s black. You can’t say ‘I’m going to vote for him, he’s not very good, but he’s black, I’ll vote for him’. You have to give a good performance and I’m sure people have. I saw Idris Elba (in Beasts Of No Nation)… I thought he was wonderful.”

The venerated actor claimed that these whiners should “be patient.”

“Of course it will come. It took me years to get an Oscar, years.”

Speaking of the controversy, Oscar-nominated actress Charlotte Rampling blasted the absurdity of the outrage:

“It’s anti-white racism. Maybe black actors don’t deserve to be on the final stretch?” she noted.

“Why classify people?” she wondered. “They feel like a minority, they think: ‘We’re the black actors and there are not enough of us.’”

America is being torn apart by the attempts to legitimize black supremacy. Groups like “Black Lives Matter” propose that race is of the utmost importance and that other factors like hard-work, character and genuine abilities should all be secondary considerations.

How is that not rabid racism?


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