Hollywood Star Shocks Fans with Political Views; Drops the Mic on Them When They Complain

Hollywood is filled with progressives who love to condemn the “wealthy” on the right while they hang out with their own rich friends at lavish parties that they drive to in their expensive cars from their mansions. Not that there’s anything wrong with wealth or success, but when you hear someone who earns tons of money to sing or act complaining about the amount of money made by CEOs, who are responsible for running a company and creating jobs, the hypocrisy gets a little thick.

The existence of progressives in Hollywood is so pervasive that finding someone who supports Republicans is a rarity. Finding someone who takes to social media to let that support be known is even more rare, but that’s precisely what Donnie Wahlberg, former member of the hit group New Kids on the Block and currently starring as Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods, did.

During the GOP debate on CNBC on Wednesday, Wahlberg took to Twitter to express his support for Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and rail against the CNBC moderators who were showing their political bias with their antagonistic and condescending line of questioning.

He also addressed the ludicrous assertion that Carly Fiorina does not care about women.

Needless to say, this didn’t go over well with some of his fans who must have the expectation that if you’re in Hollywood, you’re a Democrat.

Then there was this baffling analogy.

There were, surprisingly, far more tweets cheering Wahlberg.

Someone even had a campaign suggestion for Fiorina.

Wahlberg’s response to the haters must have left them shocked, disappointed and angry. Rather than back down and apologize for daring to think for himself and select his own personal choice of who to support in the presidential race, he dropped the mic while simultaneously throwing the Democrat presidential candidates under the bus.

I admit, I’ve always been a Donnie Wahlberg fan and he’s gone up a few notches in my book!

Now, I’m ready to watch some Blue Bloods!

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