Keep Out! Tone-Deaf Hollywood Elitists Aren’t Needed at Trump Inauguration

With the growing number of Hollywood celebrities who are refusing to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration or saying they would not perform even though they have not been asked, we are witnessing progressives admitting outright that the claim that they are open-minded, loving, and tolerant to be a big lie. They are also sending a message to middle America and working class people around the country that they have complete and utter disdain for them and their decision-making since they will not stand with them and singing for America at the presidential inauguration.

It seems that in Hollywood, it is en vogue to be a progressive leftist. That is why celebrities were lining up to take pictures with Hillary Clinton, host fundraisers for her, and perform concerts in hopes that concertgoers would turn out the vote for Hillary. They had no problem with Hillary’s own corruption, cover-ups, Emailgate, denigration of her husband’s victims and accusers and questionable practices in regards to the Clinton Foundation. It seems that the only problem they have is with Republicans.

This is evident by their refusal to sing for the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States citing things he has said on the campaign trail that they don’t agree with, calling him names or wishing him death. However, many have had no problems pimping themselves out to sing for dictators and despots who have actually had human rights violations. Far too many Hollywood stars will align themselves with actual dictators whether by performing for them or hanging out with them, as has been the case with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, etc.

By refusing to sing, these “stars” are making this about themselves vs. Trump, not about a monumental event in American history with the inauguration of a president. To make things worse, those who have agreed to sing are being attacked or threatened for doing so.

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Frankly, aside from Jackie Evancho, the 16-year-old classical singer who has not caved to pressure and threats to back out of her inauguration performance, I have a suggestion for Donald Trump.

Make this inauguration about the regular, everyday people who make this country great and keep it running. Send the message that this is about the White House becoming the People’s House once again, and not just “the people who have millions and/or are stars.” What a message it would send if people from around the country with brilliant voices who aren’t paid millions but sing within their communities or around their homes for the joy of it are the ones singing for America and her future on Inauguration Day.

Since Hollywood stars did not get the message of their overall irrelevance in regards to political influence with the American people, this would perhaps make that message resonate.

The progressive elites, including these Hollywood stars, have been tone deaf since the election, continuing to attack and insult those who chose to vote for Donald Trump. That is all the more reason for Trump to send a resounding message and make this Inauguration about the people, not the pop star personalities.

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I’m not saying that every single person in Hollywood is a closed-minded progressive. But those who are not have faced the wrath of the Left by speaking their minds or daring to agree to perform at Trump’s inauguration or even meet with him. In choosing everyday Americans to perform, this would also not put those celebrities willing to perform at Trump’s inauguration between a rock and a hard place in having to decide between protecting their careers and singing for their country. Who knows, the next Jackie Evancho could be discovered on January 20, 2017.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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