After Honoring a Communist Traitor, Here’s How Google ‘Honored’ Our Fallen Heroes

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Technology giant Google often adapts their sterile search engine look to honor certain leftists people and holidays. For example, here’s how they celebrated the life of a communist traitor — a Castro and Osama bin Laden lover — a couple of weeks ago:

Yuri Kochiyama

A real tribute, right? Because nothing spells equality more than honoring an America-hating communist by replacing the Google logo with a “doodle” of Yuri Kochiyama, a Muslim supporter of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed over 3,000 Americans.

But when it comes to celebrating real American heroes, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for companies like Google to thrive, their celebratory graphics are a bit more subdued. Actually, let me correct that, they are virtually non-existent.

Take, for example, the “Google Doodle” on Memorial Day, May 30, 2016, in which you practically need a magnifying glass to see the minuscule ribbon over the American flag:

Google Doodle Memorial Day

Well, at least it’s not an emoji of a hammer and sickle. If it was, you can bet your a** it would be a helluva lot larger.

Alternatively, here’s a screenshot of what the Bing search engine looked like on Memorial Day in 2016:

Bing Memorial Day

Google should get out the business of using their search engine typeface for anti-American and anti-freedom propaganda or get out of the “Doodle” business altogether.

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Matthew K. Burke
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