Police Officer Rushed to the Hospital After Horrific Discovery in his Sandwich

As the war on police has heated up fueled by anti-police rhetoric from people like Barack Obama who gives speech after speech accusing every police department in America of “systemic racism,” police have had a target on their back in many ways.

We have had two ambush attacks on officers within an 11 day period that left eight dead and 10 injured. We have had reports of police officers being refused service. Now, there are reports of a police officer in Columbus, Ohio being hospitalized on Monday after biting into a sandwich from a restaurant that had been laced with shards of glass.

The unidentified police officer was rushed to the hospital after biting into a sandwich from a restaurant on East Long Street near the Lincoln Theater. The officer said when he bit into the sandwich, he heard an unusual crunch sound and felt what he described as a grisly texture. The sandwich, it turns out, had shards of glass in it which left his mouth bleeding profusely.

He was rushed to the hospital and held overnight but is expected to be okay.

Columbus police have said they will not release the name of the officer or the restaurant until their investigation is complete. The restaurant has been shut down pending investigation.

While police say they are unsure whether the shards of glass in the officer’s sandwich were intentional or just an accident, in my opinion, it would be an accident of epic proportions to have one person with glass in their sandwich…and that person happens to be a cop.

These are dangerous times for our men and women in blue. They put on their badge every day not knowing if they will return home to their loved ones. Now, getting a bite to eat appears to no longer be safe.

h/t ABC6

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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