How Hillary Responded to a Grieving Mother SHOWS Why She Has a Serious Image Problem…

Hillary Clinton has a serious image problem. The 2016 presidential candidate is cranky and devoid of even a shred of charisma. While her policies are every bit as extreme as President Obama’s, her icy demeanor does little to smooth-over concerns with Democrats who rely more upon feelings than thoughts in their decision-making process. This translates to a huge problem for the frigid candidate.

At a recent event in New Hampshire, as Hillary addressed the problems of drug use and mental health issues in the state, a woman rose to share her story of her son’s struggle with mental illness that ultimately led to his suicide.

While many were reportedly moved by the story, Hillary remained stoic and about as compassionate as a mafia don.

The notoriously-liberal Boston Globe even commented on the horrendously icy reception offered to the woman by Clinton, reporting:

“Because we couldn’t get good mental health care for him,” she said, wiping a tear, “he finally took his life.”

Some in the audience of 300 packed into a Boys & Girls Club in this lakeside town appeared moved by the story. But not, at least that one could tell, the woman who organized the forum, which was intended to focus on the scourge of drug addiction in New Hampshire.

Hillary Clinton physically backed up closer to a wall as she listened and nodded. When the woman finished her story, the leading Democratic presidential contender retrieved a microphone, turned away, and began asking another panelist to respond.

Then she stopped herself. “I’m very sorry,” said Clinton, who followed with a bland observation. “We’re not doing enough on mental health treatment.”

No real show of compassion. No hug or even a touch on the hand.

This would be a bad PR situation for a Republican, but for a Democrat, this is a serious problem.

Generally speaking, the left relies upon emotion to dictate policy. Welfare, immigration, taxes, gun control- the entirety of the Democrat platform relies upon feelings, not reason. If Hillary’s policies are disastrous, she must appeal to the base of the Democrat Party by shaping her campaign around emotional appeal.

However, it appears that Hillary is purely incapable of authentic charisma or emotional appeal. Testy and about as caring as a badger, Hillary has a serious image problem.

Hillary has a significant supply of other problems, too. Aside from the fact that her email scandal is serious enough to bar her from the Oval Office (and possibly bring charges), the 2016 presidential candidate has virtually no accomplishments of note that should qualify her for the highest job in government.

The former First Lady failed in her quest to advance universal healthcare. After a short tenure as a lackluster senator, Clinton mounted an aggressive campaign against Barack Obama, but failed there, too. As Secretary of State, her most-noteworthy “accomplishment” was facilitating the deaths of four Americans and refusing to come to their aid. She even failed in her attempt to cover-up the scandal by spinning a story about a YouTube video.

Her short tenure as Secretary of State has been marred not only by Benghazi, but by her email scandal, where she repeatedly transmitted classified and top-secret documents over an unsecured, private server and then spent years lying about the deed and obscuring congressional investigations into her conduct.

While all of that might be bad enough, the biggest obstacle to her ascent to the presidency is the fact that she is just so incredibly unlikable. In this day and age of social media, her scowl and pissy demeanor only highlights her inherent crankiness and icy manner.

Click here for the video of the encounter.

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Greg Campbell
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