How Sweet: Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Shoves Supporter Trying to Give Her a Hug

Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid continues for no other reason than she has remained in the good graces of the shotcallers in the DNC. Bereft of any real accomplishments over her time in public service (unless you count leaving four Americans to die an “accomplishment”) Clinton is equally bereft of genuine personality. Her public persona is one of a cranky elitist with the welcoming attributes of wild boar on PCP.

Her disdain for the secret service agents that have long protected her and her family is legendary and infamous and her willingness to snap at opponents and supporters alike has earned her a well-deserved reputation.

It seems that her subordinates might share the same less-than-inviting qualities as well.

Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to Clinton, was captured on video shoving a well-wisher who tried to move-in for a hug.

The woman approached Clinton and Abedin after Thursday night’s Democratic debate and gave Clinton a brief hug. When she moved-in to give Abedin a hug who then stiff-armed the woman like vintage O.J. Simpson fending-off a tackle. Abedin looked annoyed.

Though Clinton remains marred by scandal, Abedin, herself, appears to be engulfed in scandals of her own. The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Abedin is under investigation by the State Department inspector general for her peculiar employment arrangement for six months in 2012: Abedin was simultaneously employed by the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, Clinton’s personal office, and a consulting firm with connections to Clinton.

For the second half of 2012, Abedin worked as a “special government employee,” which enabled her to work for the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, Clinton’s personal office, and Teneo.

The IG concluded last year that Abedin was overpaid $10,000 because of violations of sick leave and vacation policies.

Abedin appears to share Clinton’s moral flexibility and her less-than-welcoming demeanor.

She likely did not intend for the camera to capture her rude moment, but what’s that old John Wooden quote? “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

I think we learned a little something about Ms. Abedin…

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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