Huckabee Tries to Defend Trump’s Pro-Putin Foreign Policy; It Goes Poorly [VIDEO]

“Donald Trump would be weaker on Putin than Hillary Clinton!” ~ Dan Senor

Former Republican presidential candidate and now sycophantic defender of every detestable thing Donald Trump has ever said or done, Mike Huckabee, appeared on The Kelly File opposite Republican and defense adviser Dan Senor to debate Trump’s foreign policy — assuming he has one.

After Megyn Kelly played a clip of former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates blasting Donald Trump’s contradictory foreign policy, a quote from a May 15 CBS News interview where Gates expressed deep concern for Trump’s “admiration for Vladimir Putin,” Kelly asked both Huckabee and Senor to respond.

While Huckabee admitted that Robert Gates was a “straight shooter,” he argued that Gates doesn’t know Trump and furthered Trump’s campaign talking point that he surrounds himself with the best people (which all seem to be yes men and yes women to me, but I digress), and that he actually listens to their advice, which this campaign has proven is utter nonsense — Trump does what he wants and punishes anyone who disagrees.

Huckabee actually tried to make the outlandish contention that Trump bloviates things in public that he would never say in private — it’s really quite amazing.

Below, Dan Senor rips Huckabee (and Trump’s foreign policy) to shreds, pointing out what I contend is obvious — Trump, because of his untreated narcissistic personality disorder, will favor any foreign leader who compliments him, as Putin has, while punishing any foreign leader who is critical to his massive, yet thin-skinned ego.

“For the last eight years, many Republicans — you and me both — critiqued this president, President Obama, for not being tough enough on our adversaries and being too tough on our allies.  

Look at one of our biggest adversaries, someone working against U.S. interests today was Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump…revels in the flattery from Putin. 

He basically says he wants to withdraw from NATO — so basically the collapse of NATO, the collapse of Europe — which would be a dream for Putin.”

“Donald Trump would be weaker on Putin than Hillary Clinton!” Senor declared, an assertion rejected by Huckabee, who admitted that “Trump has a respect for Putin.”

Senor reminds Huckabee that Trump shockingly has praised the Chinese government for the Tiananmen Square massacre, something “any democracy, freedom-loving Americans would be horrified by.”


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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