Huffpo Contributor: James Comey as Big a Threat as ‘Putin and the Russians’ [VIDEO]

Peter Emerson, Image Credit: MSNBC via YouTube screenshot

The liberal long knives are out for FBI director James Comey on Saturday, following yesterday’s bombshell announcement that emails discovered in the Weiner underage sexting scandal had prompted Comey to reopen Hillary Clinton’s EmailGate investigation.

Yes, Hillary has been schlonged and overly emotional progressive leftists are jumping the shark over it, as you might expect.

Leftist talking heads on networks like CNN and MSNBC were roundly vilifying Comey as the anti-Christ while showing no proportional outrage to the person who made the decision to have a rogue, secret, and illegal email server — Hillary Clinton — who if she hadn’t obstructed justice, wouldn’t be facing another FBI investigation.

Nor have they shown a similar level of anger toward progressive pervert, Anthony Weiner, who is under investigation for sexting underage girls. Joe Biden wants to beat the hell out of Donald Trump behind some gym but when asked about Anthony Weiner, said that he was not a “big fan.” Still a fan, mind you, but just not a big one. Why? Because, he as that magic “D” next to his name, I suppose.

One example of progressive outrage was Huffington Post contributor Peter Emerson, who portrayed James Comey as being as big a threat to the United States as Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

“We don’t have to worry about Putin and the Russians, we’ve got Director Comey,” Emerson said on MSNBC Saturday morning.

This is a shameful and disgusting statement. He may as well have called Comey, who the left widely respected just weeks ago, an American traitor. It is not James Comey’s fault that he ran across new Hillary Clinton emails — it is Hillary Clinton’s fault for not turning them over when requested.

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