Huge Change May Be Coming to the U.S. Marine Corps

The Few. The Proud. The Marines.

That phrase has been the slogan for the U.S.Marine Corps for nearly 40 years but that may be about to change. The Marines announced in an interview with the Marine Corps Times that it will likely do away with the slogan in favor of something completely different which speaks to what they do and why they exist.

Speaking with the magazine, Lt. Col. John Caldwell, Marine Corps Recruiting Command spokesman, said, “’The Few, The Proud’ does a great job distinguishing ourselves from the other branches and making us prestigious to recruits, but it doesn’t say anything about what we do or why we exist. We believe the new campaign products require a unique tagline to achieve the effort’s objectives.”

The new advertising campaign will show Americans how the Marine Corps is different from the other services and reinforce “the elite — almost spiritual — standards the nation has for Marines,” Caldwell said. The service’s contracted advertising agency J. Walter Thompson is creating campaign material.

“The new products are going to frame everything that we do as a fight — a fight that we intend to win,” he said.
This fight is described along the lines of three themes.

The new campaign will instead focus on “the fight” and what entails for everyday Marines. The campaign’s themes will instead focus on fighting self-doubt to become a Marine, fighting on behalf of the country, and fighting for local U.S. communities.

Caldwell added that this decision has nothing to do with an attempt to attract more women into joining the Marines but instead is meant to focus on the fighting spirit of America.

What do you think about the move away from the slogan for nearly four decades that has come to identify the Marines to something new? Is this a good idea or is it way too much change.

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