HUGE Shake-Up in the Trump Campaign; Major Demotion for Key Figure

Donald Trump has stood by his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, even after he was arrested for simple battery of then-Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields. The Trump campaign rallied around Lewandowski, spinning their stories and changing their recollection of what happened while simultaneously defaming the name, reputation, and psyche of Fields.

Although Trump refused to say his infamous words of “You’re Fired!” to Lewandowski, even praising him in front of reporters days after he grabbed Fields, for doing “a good job,” it looks like he has no problem with saving face a little by keeping him on the campaign, but demoting him significantly.

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Corey Lewandowski will remain with the Trump campaign but has been demoted to be Trump’s body man, i.e. personal assistant, and scheduler. I guess Trump liked Lewandowski’s strong-armed tactics and thuggery after all.

Trump recently hired Paul Manafort, to be his convention manager. His job is to secure delegates for Trump to help him reach the magic number of 1,237 which amounts to the majority of delegates who will attend the GOP convention in July.

Manafort has a history of thuggery and dirty dealings, including lobbying for a Pakistani intelligence group and sexually harassing women.

Incidentally, ever since Manafort has been named to that position, we have witnessed outright threats and plans of mob-like thuggery from Trump allies. First, long-time friend and advisor Roger Stone, who left the Trump campaign last year (wink, wink) threatened to reveal the hotel rooms of delegates who do not plan to vote for Trump once they are open to casting a vote for their preferred candidate.

On Monday, The PolitiStick reported that Gary Forbes, an influential businessman, CEO of The Forbes Group, and huge Trump supporter, took threats against delegates who do not support Trump to an even further and dangerous level.

However, Forbes is no ordinary Trump-supporter. Forbes has been tweeting ominously-threatening tweets in recent weeks that indicate a fullscale effort to recruit thugs to make America great againDonald Trump the GOP nominee.

Today, Forbes called for volunteers to come forward who would be willing to “Stop CO & WY Delegates from Attending GOP Convention.” Both states delegates went for Ted Cruz. How Forbes intends to stop these delegates from attending is not mentioned, but the implications are chilling and the tone is ominous- especially when we consider the many other threatening tweets he has sent out.

Forbes has tweeted-out outright lies and speculative, tinfoil-hat-like conspiracy theories as fact, asserting that there exists a far-reaching conspiracy to deny Trump his supposed right to be the nominee.

Lewandowski has been under scrutiny thuggish actions that including more than just man-handling Michelle Fields. He has also put his hands on people protesting at Trump rallies. Trump has laughed off Lewandowski’s tactics as “spirited.” Although the bloviating billionaire has insisted he hasn’t called for violence, he actually does so in a way that gives a wink and a nod blessing for people to do so on his behalf.

Yesterday, Trump’s National Field Director Stuart Jolly quit. The optics and the repercussions of such a prominent person walking out on Trump’s campaign one day before the New York Primary speak volumes about the Trump campaign. Perhaps that’s why Trump decided to keep Lewandowski on rather than fire him. That way he could do his best to avoid the appearance of his campaign being dysfunctional and imploding.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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