HUGE Shakeup in the Trump Campaign; You Won’t Believe Who He’s Hired

Republican presidential nominee and reality TV actor Donald Trump has used his bully pulpit to go after the free press on numerous occasions. Months ago, Trump unequivocally stated that he would “open up the libel laws” to be able to sue press outlets who said untrue things about him. In Trump’s mind, any reporting on any real facts that don’t bode well for him are “untrue.” There is a real danger in any presidential candidate outright attacking freedom of the press. It’s even more disturbing when that comes from a Republican presidential candidate and his supporters cheer it on.

Trump has said time and again, especially in recent days, that he is not just running against Hillary Clinton. He claims he is also running against the “corrupt media,” accusing them of lying about him. But the stories that have come out, from his strange attack of a Gold Star family to his penchant to stiff small business owners out of the money he owes them, are true. He has accused the media, especially CNN, of being in bed with Hillary. All of this makes his latest shakeup within his campaign even more odd and hypocritical.

At 3:24 Eastern, in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, NBC News reported on major staffing changes within the Trump campaign. Russian-linked Paul Manafort is out as campaign manager. He will instead serve as campaign chair. Senior advisor to the campaign Kellyanne Conway, a former staunch Cruz supporter, has been named the new campaign manager. Those two moves, however, are not the outright hypocritical ones.

The Trump campaign also announced that Stephen K. Bannon, co-founder of Breitbart News who also hosts a radio program for Breitbart on Sirius/XM Radio, will be officially joining the Trump campaign as campaign CEO.

That’s right. As he seeks the highest office in the land, Trump is already designating his own Pravda.

Trump spoke with the Wall Street Journal, who initially reported the new hires, and alluded to the fact that he’ll do whatever it takes to win even if that, obviously, means speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

“I want to win. That’s why I’m bringing on fantastic people who know how to win and love to win.”

Breitbart News has been referred to by many as Trumpbart News due to their sycophantic worshipping articles of Donald Trump and vicious attacks against anyone who dares not bow down to him. In fact, a Twitter account called Trumpbart News was set up by an unknown individual to mock Breitbart’s hero worship of Trump. The stance the site has taken regarding Trump is even more baffling considering the fact, that in 2011, Andrew Breitbart proclaimed on FOX News that Donald Trump was no conservative.

At the time, Trump was considering running for president in 2012. Andrew Breitbart appeared on FOX News and said the following.

“Of course, he’s not a conservative. He was for Nancy Pelosi before he was against Nancy Pelosi.” ~ Andrew Breitbart

Andrew was speaking about Trump’s long history of supporting Democrats, both financially and in words. He must be rolling in his grave as the site, which still bears his name, is unabashedly in the tank for Trump so much so that the co-founder Bannon is taking an official position with the campaign while simultaneously working at Breitbart.

See how that works? The media is corrupt as long as they are in the tank for Hillary, according to Trump’s assessment. If they are flagrantly in the tank for him, it’s all good.

The hiring of Bannon as the campaign’s CEO comes on the heels of the report that disgraced, alleged sexual predator and former FOX News CEO, Roger Ailes, will be an advisor to the Trump campaign to, among other things, coach him for debates.

This hypocritical move by Trump did not go unnoticed on his favorite social media network of choice, Twitter.

One guy said what so many have been thinking and what I alluded to at the beginning of this article. This seals the deal that Breitbart has become a Trump operative and Super PAC.

This person called Trump out for his hypocrisy.

Remember how Donald Trump incessantly attacked Ted Cruz accusing him of being in the pocket of the big banks because of the money he borrowed…from himself (the tidbit Trump conveniently left out)?

Remember how Ted and Heidi Cruz, on leave from her job, were attacked because Heidi worked for Goldman Sachs as a Managing Directory helping everyday people with their investments? Trump supporters focused on that so much as a bad thing for Cruz that some even chanted “Goldman Sachs” at Heidi as they verbally attacked and berated the Cruzes for Ted not endorsing Trump at the GOP convention.

Now Trump hires a former Goldman Sachs banker as his campaign CEO. This is in addition to tapping Steven Mnuchin, a former 17-year Goldman Sachs partner, as his campaign finance chair in May just a few days after Ted Cruz suspended his campaign.

And it just kept going…

Oh, the irony. It is rich!

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Jennifer Burke
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