Humiliating: ESPN Mocks Obama’s Wimpiness to His Face; Obama Cites George W. Bush

As President Obama rubbed elbows with terrorists and despots in Cuba, he chuckled jovially with ESPN broadcasters. Obama is in Cuba to hold photo ops and cave on long-held U.S. positions regarding the communist dictatorship that has tortured, enslaved, imprisoned and killed untold numbers of people and who have, on numerous occasions, attempted to inflict wholesale carnage upon democratic nations, including the U.S.

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During the ESPN interview, ESPN host Eduardo Perez called Obama out for his limp-wristed approach to athletics. Noting the president’s infamously-bad throws in ball games when throwing out the first pitch, Perez jabbed,

“I’ve seen you throw out the first pitch. You didn’t play much baseball, did you?”

Perez’s fellow commentators appeared uncomfortable at the jab that called into question Obama’s manliness.

“Eduardo, come on,” co-anchor Karl Ravech said.

“You know what, now, can I just make a point? My dad wasn’t a Hall-of-Famer,” the president said, referencing Perez’s father Tony Perez.

“You had a slight benefit in the whole pitching thing. I will say this, and I’ve talked to President Bush about this … We do a lot of tough stuff as president, and by definition, you don’t end up being president if you don’t handle stress well.”

“Nothing is more stressful than throwing out a first pitch, because they just hand you the ball, and I don’t care if you’ve been practicing ahead of time … I have not grounded it, I just want to point out.”

“Nothing is more stressful?” Really, Barack? You cannot think of anything? Not terrorists attacking our consulate in Benghazi? Not the political pressure facing you as you’re spitting-upon the graves of brave Cubans who died fighting for a free Cuba, an ideal you are now betraying? Not finally coming to terms with the grave threat that is Islamic terrorism- the very same force that killed dozens of innocents in Belgium just hours before (including Americans)?

Further, it’s pathetic that Obama would respond to the challenge by dropping Bush’s name.

Bush did a great job. He could throw from the mound and get it across the plate. Obama throws like a dainty girl. In case anybody needs a refresher on the differences between the two presidents, click below.

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