Hypocritical Tweet by Planned Butcherhood Brings Instant Rebuke

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards

Planned Parenthood has long been described by those who know what they are really about as having nothing to do with parenting. Instead, they are about avoiding parenting, justifying the murder of unborn babies by describing their butchery as ‘reproductive rights’ and ‘women’s healthcare.’

The baby body parts harvesting and selling operation also tries to hide the fact that their founder, Marxist Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist whose goal was to “exterminate” weeds, i.e. black people and others she deemed unfit. To accomplish her goal, Planned Parenthood clinics were, and continue to be, set up in poor black neighborhoods. They have expanded their targeting practices now to include Hispanics.

In fact, as of 2012, 79 percent of all Planned Parenthood ‘abortion clinics’, i.e. baby butchering, facilities were located in black and Hispanic neighborhoods.

The reality of Planned Parenthood, and their staunch dedication to killing babies and getting top dollar for their body parts with their felonious actions, makes the tweet sent from their official Twitter account on Saturday night during the Democrat debate even more deplorable.

Are they serious? Every child deserves the opportunity to live up to their God-given potential? May lightning strike these despicable people who are doing Satan’s work here on earth right now! To invoke the name of God and have the audacity to use #BlackLivesMatter is absolutely unreal. The only way that black lives matter to these sickos is in relation to how they can illegally alter their abortion procedure to get top dollar for the body parts. There were many on Twitter who were just as outraged as I am at this dangerously hypocritical tweet. One person who was vocal about this bold faced lie by Planned Butcherhood was Congressman Tim Huelskamp from Kansas. 

Incidentally, Rep. Huelskamp has four children, all of whom are both adopted and black.

Others called out Planned Butcherhood for this unbelievable tweet which is simply another tactic to provide cover for themselves as they continue Margaret Sanger’s mission to exterminate the black race.

There was this powerful tweet which demanded Planned Butcherhood own up to how many black babies they kill per day and per year. Of course, they won’t because that would put on display their obvious mission to kill black babies under the guise of compassion.

Here’s some harsh truth.

 And even more calling out the filth at Planned Butcherhood for patting themselves on the back with an insinuation of God’s blessing, all the while treating a child of God’s creation as trash. 

Then, there’s this one, perhaps the most brilliant in calling out these morbid, lying baby killers for who they are.


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Jennifer Burke
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