If Obama is All-In for Gun Control, Then Why Did He Do THIS?

Every time there is a mass killing where the killer decided to use a gun as their weapon of choice, Barack Obama always uses it as an opportunity to attack the inanimate object, the gun. It’s never the fault of the person who chose to commit an evil act. Heck, he even uses instances of Islamic terrorism in America (San Bernardino and Orlando) to push for gun control. You know, because terrorists follow the law…or something.

On Wednesday, Mr. Gun Control commuted the sentences of 214 people. This is the most done by any president in one day since 1900. In total, 562 people have been granted clemency by Obama. The Obama White House is trying to lead Americans to believe that this is simply a matter of giving people in for non-violent drug offenses a second chance. That, however, is not the truth.

In announcing the commuting of these sentences by Obama, Neil Eggleston, White House Counsel, released the following statement.

“Today began like any other for 214 federal inmates across the country, but ultimately became a day I am confident they will never forget. This morning, these individuals received a message from the President: your application for clemency has been granted.”

“This news likely carries special weight to the 67 individuals serving life sentences – almost all for nonviolent drug crimes – who, up until today, could only imagine what it might be like to once again attend a loved one’s birthday party, walk their child to school, or simply go to the grocery store. All of the individuals receiving commutation today, incarcerated under outdated and unduly harsh sentencing laws, embody the President’s belief that ‘America is a nation of second chances.'”

But, according to the Major County Sheriff’s Association, whose members are elected sheriffs representing over 100 million Americans, this statement by the White House is simply not true.

“As the only elected law enforcement officials in America, we are greatly concerned about the direct negative impact our President’s decision to commute the sentences of armed criminals. These individuals are not low-level non-violent drug offenders as the Administration would have the public believe — they are violent criminals who are being released back into our neighborhoods.”

Dana Loesch, host on The Blaze and author of Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America, called Obama out for his dangerous hypocrisy on Twitter.

A few people had an idea as to why Obama took these hypocritical actions.

A 25-year NYPD lieutenant had some words for Obama, too.

Obama has promised to keep his foot on the gas by giving more criminals, including violent ones, commuted sentences between now and his last day in office.

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