If this Famous Hollywood Actor Referred to Obama the Way He Did Ben Carson, the Left Would be Livid

If there’s one thing you can say about the majority of people in Hollywood, it’s that there are mostly far-left progressives who loathe Republicans and defend Democrats constantly. So, it’s not surprising that actor Mickey Rourke would go on the attack against Donald Trump who is the current Republican front runner. What is surprising is how he referred to Dr. Ben Carson, another candidate for the GOP nomination for president.

Dr. Carson is a famed pediatric neurosurgeon who led a team of physicians in 1997 in the first ever successful separation of twins conjoined at the top of their head. He even had a movie made about his life and that groundbreaking surgery called Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. Carson rose to national prominence outside of the medical arena when he gave a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013. During that speech, the soft-spoken doctor criticized Barack Obama with Obama sitting two seats away.

After spending the last few years as a highly sought after conservative speaker. Dr. Carson launched his campaign to become the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. He has consistently risen in the polls and is currently within 4 percentage points of front runner Donald Trump in a recent poll. But all of that did not help Mickey Rourke even remember Carson’s name, despite naming him as his current favorite in the presidential race.

Rourke was approached by TMZ and asked about the presidential race. He had some strong words for Donald Trump and let it be clearly known that he does not like him. He said, “Tell Donald Trump to go f**k himself. He’s nothing but a big-mouth b**ch bully, and I’d love to have 30 seconds in the room with the little b**ch.”

However, what should also be noted is how he referred to Dr. Ben Carson. Although Rourke did proclaim Carson to be his pick for president, it was the way he referred to him that should have people raising their eyebrows.

When the TMZ reporter asked Rourke who he likes for president, he responded, “I like the doctor, uh, the black dude.” The reporter replied, “The neurosurgeon?” To this, Rourke say, “Yeah, I like him.”

On on the one hand, one could think, “Good for Rourke for thinking outside of the Democrat box and going for a Republican as president.” However, to refer to him as “the black dude”? Could you imagine if anyone would have offered support for Obama, failed to remember his name and called him “the black dude?” Something tells me the Left would be crying racism or slapping the person on the hand, or worse, for failing to remember “the black dude’s” name.

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Rather than call him a racist, I will simply say that while I do applaud Rourke for not picking corrupt Hillary Clinton or socialist Bernie Sanders, I would hope that if he does have a candidate he could at least remember his or her name. The fact that he doesn’t know Dr. Carson’s name means he also probably has no idea where he stands on the issues.

If you’re going to be a supporter of Ben Carson, Mr. Rourke, do yourself and him the dignity and favor of being able to say why, or at the very least know his name. To refer to him as “the black dude” is beyond insulting.

WATCH the TMZ video below.


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