If This State Gets Its Way, Many Guns Would be Banned and Confiscation Would Begin

Barack Obama and Washington Governor, Democrat Jay Inslee

We’re not trying to take away your guns” is a favorite claim by those in the gun control movement these days. Even the President recently claimed as much in his recent Townhall Meeting on CNN.

But they certainly want to ban the sale and possession of many types of popular firearms including the most popular rifle sold in America today: The modern day sporting rifle, or in anti-gun speak, “assault rifles”. Just weeks before the president’s CNN appearance, a bill was introduced by House Representative David Cicilline (D) of Rhode Island. HR-4269 essentially would ban the sale of sporting rifles nationwide. It would also ban the sale and/or possession of any ammunition magazine with a capacity of over 10 rounds, making the sale, possession, use and ownership of many semi-automatic handguns illegal and many more popular handguns subject to modification from their original design and purpose.

Worried about the Federal Government’s proposals? Then you better be aware of what is being proposed in your STATE. Just this week, in the State of Washington, State House Representative (and Speaker Pro Tempore) Jim Moeller, filed HB-2354. This is a revived effort in that state to ban many firearms. Two years ago, State Senate bill SB-5737, sponsored by Patty Murray (D) (big surprise), Jean Kohl-Welles (D) and Adam Kline (D) was so onerous, and was met with bi-partisan outrage, that it got nowhere. The bill in its original draft called for yearly home inspections of current owners of sporting rifles.

Well, if you do not succeed at first, try, try again is Washington State’s legislature’s attitude. HB-2354 would ban all modern sporting rifles and any magazine that accepts more than 10 rounds regardless of what firearm that magazine is manufactured or intended for. 

MANY handguns are manufactured and sold that have magazines with a capacity of 10+ rounds. Handguns are usually sold with a magazine intended for that handgun. This bill would ban the sale or possession of these handguns unless magazines were available for them that would not exceed 10 rounds. Gun stores statewide would be forced to try and find a way to sell handguns manufactured and sold with 10+ capacity magazines. Stocks of the guns already packaged by the manufacturer and ready to sell would have to be opened, those magazines removed and new, modified magazines added (IF they are made available) and then re-packaged. 

The removed magazines, being illegal, would have to be turned over to the state. This would cause havoc and undoubtedly, loss of revenue for dealers statewide. Legal, law-abiding citizens would be those most affected.

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Politicians would claim that HB-2354 would not ban most “semi-automatic” handguns; only what they deem “assault pistols”. This is abhorrently misleading. 

Handguns are designed around many elements, one of them being magazine capacity. Manufacturers have to retool to design handguns specifically for states that have banned 10+ round magazines. This

limits the amount and type of handguns available to citizens in those states. Just ask the citizens of California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Washington D.C

Bud’s Gun Shop, the largest seller of firearms online, has pages and pages of available handguns for sale. Only three pages of handguns are available for residents of California. On a personal note, every handgun I own would be illegal to purchase if Washington State passes HB-2354.

The list above of restrictive states is only going to grow larger if citizens do not fight back. Wisconsin entered the “Ban Wagon” with a new bill just this November. Unlike other state bans of these sporting rifles, this bill would make it illegal for ANYONE, including current owners, to possess these firearms. This would require CONFISCATION. You can bet that in the current anti-gun fervor, other states will follow their lead.

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The anti-gun zealots will never stop. If they cannot ban your guns, they will find other ways to limit your rights. Ammunition restrictions have even been proposed in New York and California.

Yeah, they don’t want to take away your guns. Right. Got it.

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Alex David
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