If You Thought the $400 Million Ransom Payment to Iran was Bad, Then Wait Until You See This

The Obama regime recently came under fire for a $400 million payment to the largest state sponsor of terror, Iran, back in January 2016. Although the Obama White House is attempting a play on words by describing the payment as “leverage,” by their own description it was a ransom payment. A total of $400 million cash was flown to Iran on pallets in an unmarked plan, similar to what a drug dealer would do. When that plane landed, and only after it landed, a plane with American hostages was allowed to take off.

On the heels of that incontrovertible mess now comes questions surrounding whether the Obama regime has been paying other countries to take in the Muslim terrorists that Obama is illegally releasing from Guantanamo Bay prison.

On Friday, the White House paid liar spokesman Josh Earnest was twice asked whether the Obama regime is paying other countries to accept the terrorist prisoners being released from Guantanamo Bay. Both times, he refused to answer. Instead, in typical, evasive, Obama White House form, Earnest gave an unclear and snarky answer.

The first time that FOX News reporter Kevin Corke inquired whether Obama was giving countries accepting these detainees a “fee” Earnest was evasive.

The process works by the United States working effectively with our partners around the world,” Earnest said. “There are a wide variety of countries that have worked with us to ensure the safe and successful transfer of these individuals. There are extensive diplomatic negotiations involved, and in just about every case, there is an intensive discussion about what sort of security precautions are imposed to ensure that these individuals don’t pose an ongoing threat to the United States.”

Corke pressed the issue again and asked, “But does the American government pay these particular countries to take these guys?

Earnest again displayed a glaring disrespect for the American people in refusing to answer.

“Again, the result of these transfers is a product of extensive diplomatic negotiations, and there are a lot of questions that are raised about the most effective place to house this person and the most effective way to ensure that this individual doesn’t pose an undue threat to the United States or our allies or interests,” Earnest said. “But we don’t typically get into too much detail about the kinds of requirements that are imposed on these individuals once they’re transferred.”

Earlier this month, 15 prisoners were transferred out of Guantanamo Bay. There are only 61 terrorists remaining in the facility. Closing down Guantanamo Bay has been a goal of Barack Obama’s since he assumed the presidency in 2009. He is hell-bent on releasing these terrorists even if they are highly likely to return to terroristic activities.

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In 2015, Obama released five terrorists deemed to be the “Taliban Dream Team” in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Months later, he released another six notorious terrorists from Guantanamo Bay despite there being no evidence that they were rehabilitated.

For Obama, it was of no concern whether these people posed a continued threat to America with their desire to inflict harm through jihad. It was all about leaving a legacy and closing down Guantanamo Bay, no matter how many lives, even American lives, it costs.

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