If You’re a Christian and Want Religious Liberty; John Kasich Has a Very Special Message for You

Delusional RINO John KasichDelusional RINO John Kasich

Are you a Christian who believes in the First Amendment? Are you a Christian who believes in religious liberty — the foundation on which founded America? Do you believe that in America — a Christian nation — despite the pronouncements of Marxist Obama, that you shouldn’t be forced to participate in arrangements that the Bible teaches are deviant and sinful?

Well, delusional RINO John Kasich, who is used to bastardizing the Bible to push his big government beliefs, has a message for you. Kasich’s message? “Get over it!”

To John Kasich, just like a progressive leftist Democrat, he believes that men should be able to use little girls’ bathrooms, and if you think otherwise, then you’re the intolerant one. And to John Kasich, if you are a Christian baker who believes that — as God designed — marriage is between one man and one woman, then you need to “calm down.”

On Sunday, Kasich, who believes that Jesus is somehow a supporter of Obamacare, said that Christians need to just relax, as the Washington Examiner reported:

John Kasich said Sunday that people who favor laws allowing businesses not to serve gay couples need to “calm down” and “get over” their opposition to lifestyles that differ from their own.

“What I’d like to say is, just relax,” Kasich said on CNN. “If you don’t like what somebody’s doing, pray for them, and if you feel as though somebody is doing something wrong against you, can you just for a second get over it? You know?”

Kasich’s comments were a reply to a question about his harsh reaction to Mississippi’s new law that allows companies not to serve gay couples. Last week, Kasich asked “What the hell are we doing in this country?” in reaction to that law.

Kasich did say Sunday that his first reaction as president would not be to take specific steps to stop states from passing those sorts of laws. But he then advised people on both sides to “calm down” before looking for quick-fix legislative answers to this complex problem.

Kasich, the last establishment squish in the race, who would need to obtain over 130 percent of the remaining delegates in order to win the GOP nomination, remains in the race for some unknown reason.

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Embarrassingly, he is still in fourth place in a two-person race between Ted Cruz and bloviating billionaire Donald Trump, still behind Marco Rubio who dropped out of the race several weeks ago.

And hey, in case you didn’t know it, John Kasich is the son of a mailman. Just FYI.

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