If You’re a Patriotic American, This LEAKED Video of the Ted Cruz Life Story Will Touch, Move and Inspire You

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In a new leaked video obtained by the website GotNews.com, the life story of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, a principled constitutional conservative who has soared into second place in the latest national polls, is displayed in video format in a way that will make Reagan’s famous and legendary “It’s Morning in America” ad look pale by comparison.

According to Got News, the video, entitled, Freedom Fighter -the Story of Ted Cruz, did not air, but did well in focus groups in South Carolina and Iowa, which if you watch it, and if you are a patriotic American who values freedom and American exceptionalism, the 11-minute video will conjure up strong emotions of pride, patriotism and positivity that sets a new bar for political advertising.

Filled with pictorials of biblical scriptures like, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free,” the video begins with Ted Cruz speaking, “I want to tell you a love story. It’s the story of all of us. It’s a love story of freedom. It’s the story of our Founding Fathers who fought and bled for freedom and then crafted the most miraculous document — our Constitution.”

“Our framers understood that our rights come not from monarchs, but from God. And that those rights are secure only when government power is restrained.” 

Literally, watching the Ted Cruz life story makes you proud to be American, proud of our founding, our principles, and of the immigrants who came to America to be Americans, to live the American dream, assimilate, rather than coming to America to try to “fundamentally transform” it into the culture they escaped.

Rafael Cruz recalls that when he returned to Cuba in 1959, after coming to America in 1957 on a student visa, Fidel Castro, the same man who had promised “hope and change” (sound familiar?), shockingly “began confiscating property, began attacking freedom of the press, shutting down newspapers, television stations, radio stations, began attacking freedom of religion.”

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The inspiring and moving Ted Cruz life story beckons back to his father, Rafael Cruz, escaping communist Cuba under the tyrannical rule of Marxist madman Fidel Castro, while other members of Cruz’s family are featured telling the story; a story of risk, opportunity, sin, forgiveness, and redemption which is credited to the family faith of Christianity.

Hearing those stories of his families escape from big government tyranny no doubt inspired him to do things like memorizing the entire U.S. Constitution as a teenager.

The overriding message is that Cruz is willing to stand alone, even in the face of massive opposition from both political establishments.

As former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, who is shown in the ad from an April interview with FOX’s Neil Cavuto, in which he boldly declared:

“Ted Cruz says what he is going to do, and he does it.”

Also featured in the short film are famous liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz, who taught Cruz at Harvard Law School, who said that his student was “off the charts brilliant,” and said that Ted Cruz was:

“One of the sharpest students I’ve had in terms of analytic skills. I’ve had 10,000 students in my 50 years at Harvard. I write all about that in my book “Taking the Stand,” and I write about my great students. He has to qualify among the brightest of the students.”

In addition, the video features longtime Democrat operative James Carville who proclaimed in 2013 that Ted Cruz is “the most talented and fearless Republican politician I’ve seen in the last 30 years.”

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James Carville also declared, to the chagrin of the feckless GOP leadership, that Ted Cruz “has no fear,” a trait they obviously cannot relate to, neither do they possess.


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