If You’re White or Asian, Don’t Apply for this Position at This University; You’re Not Allowed

This is absolutely outrageous and is a clear indicator of discrimination experienced by whites in this country. Yes, discrimination and racism exist. They always will because we do not live in a Utopian society, But, for a public university to blatantly state their discrimination on a job listing is incredible, and not in a good way.

Even more mind-boggling is the fact that the discrimination against white and Asian people by the University of Louisville went largely without outrage and with little media attention.

The University of Louisville had the advertised tenured-track professors position on their website for nearly two months. While they eventually removed it, they learned the hard way that something on the Internet never really goes away. A Google cache version of it was found by Newsbusters.


As you can see, the University of Louisville only wanted certain ethnicities to apply. They had the temerity to advertise for “a tenure-track Assistant Professor position that will be filled by an African American, Hispanic American or Native American Indian.”

Ironically also within that racist listing is the claim that they are an equal opportunity employer. But, I guess that equal opportunity only applies in certain circumstances. The University of Louisville obviously believes that it is okay to openly discriminate against whites and Asians.

As Newsbusters pointed out, this job listing is against the law according to labor and civil rights laws passed by Congress and listed on the EEOC website.

Job Advertisements

It is illegal for an employer to publish a job advertisement that shows a preference for or discourages someone from applying for a job because of his or her race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.

For example, a help-wanted ad that seeks “females” or “recent college graduates” may discourage men and people over 40 from applying and may violate the law.

Welcome to Obama’s America, where race relations are at such a low that a major public university thinks it’s okay to advertise for a position in which white people are specifically excluded , thereby sending the message that to them white and Asian lives don’t matter.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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