Illegal Immigrant Goes on Killing, Raping-Spree After Obama’s Border Patrol ORDERS Him Released

Not all illegal immigrants are violent criminals; however, all are criminals. Those who enter and remain in the country illegally are committing a crime and we cannot be surprised to learn that many who come here illegally hold little regard for our laws and our customs. Still, the Obama Administration and the left maintain that it is, somehow, inhumane to secure our borders and deport those who are here illegally. While this lunacy continues, the American people continue to suffer the consequences of illegal immigration.

The Obama Administration simply does not care about the lives shattered by this danger. The same president who has picked-up the phone to call the family of Michael Brown, a thug who attacked a cop, is the same president who simply will not place a call to the family of Kate Steinle, a young woman murdered by an illegal.

Americans continue to be outraged by our lawless president and it shows; Donald Trump has shot to the top of the 2016 contenders with his fiery rebuke of illegal immigration and his message has deeply resonated with infuriated Americans.

Well, they’re about to get a whole lot angrier….

Sheriffs in Lake County, Ohio, had the opportunity to stop a madman. On July 7th, 2015, the sheriffs apprehended Juan Emmanual Razo, an illegal immigrant. When they contacted Obama’s Border Security, they were instructed to release Razo because he had “no prior criminal history.”

You know, other than the fact that his very being here was a crime…

The federal government’s unwillingness to enforce the law worked out very well for Razo, but poorly for others, as Razo later killed one woman, attempted to rape a teenage girl, attempted to kill another woman, and got into a shootout with police.

Fox News reports on the crime spree and those who enabled it:

Juan Emmanuel Razo, 35, was arrested Monday after a shootout with police following a crime spree police say began with the attempted rape of a girl in a park in Painesville, about 30 miles northeast of Cleveland. He later shot a woman in front of her children and murdered a 60-year-old woman in nearby Concord Township, according to police. While Razo is being held on $10 million bond, authorities are trying to explain why he was allowed to remain in the U.S. illegally after local authorities questioned him just three weeks ago.

“I have somebody who we don’t know who he is, why he is in this country, why he is here illegally and why he allegedly committed a murder,” Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconetti thundered at Razo’s arraignment, noting the suspect has no green card, birth certificate or driver’s license.

“I can’t set a bond high enough,” he continued. “How in the hell do I even know it’s him?”

Cicconetti later told Fox News he did not understand how federal authorities could have ordered Razo released on July 7 when local deputies questioned him and contacted Border Protection officials, given that no one could even verify his identity.

“If you are stopped, at that point, whether it be by law enforcement or you make your first court appearance, at that point we have to have some kind of identifier on him,” he said.

Deputies who questioned Razo say Border Protection officials told them Razo is from Mexico and in the U.S. illegally, but said they would not pick him up for deportation. Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap said at a news conference that deputies released Razo because he hadn’t committed a crime at that point…

A detective said during the arraignment that Razo has confessed to the deadly, one-day crime spree in the quiet Lake Erie town. Police began seeking Razo late Monday morning after the girl described him to police and said he had tried to rape her. Hours later, he allegedly shot a 40-year-old woman in the arm as she walked with her two children along a bike path and an hour after that, a man told park rangers he’d found his wife, 60-year-old Margaret Kostelnik, shot to death in their home near the bike path.


Here’s the simple fact: no matter how one feels about illegal immigration, whether they feel it’s a right of people to come here freely, there are two issues:

1) It is a crime. Now, some may not feel it should be a crime, but we have laws on the books and the executive branch, as the name would suggest, is charged with executing the laws of our nation.

2) We simply have no idea who is crossing the border. Fly into New York City from London and you will stand in a lengthy customs line at JFK. They will ascertain who you are and why you’re here. The DHS maintains lengthy “no-fly” lists filled with potential threats to our nation and those who wish to fly into the U.S. are prohibited. However, if that person- a terrorist, perhaps- flies into Mexico City and then hops the border, they have successfully skirted the law and are free to begin their jihad.


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Greg Campbell
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