Imagine What Obama’s Reaction Would Be If Muslims Were Targeted in the #UCCShooting

Christians were brutally targeted by a God-hating madman at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon this week, murdered for proclaiming their faith in Jesus Christ.

Students at the college were lined up and asked if they were Christians. If they answered ‘yes,’ they were shot in the head. If they answered ‘no,’ they were allowed to live.

This didn’t happen in some far-off land, like Iran or Syria, where Muslim monsters are beheading Christians for sport. No, this human atrocity happened right here on U.S. soil.

Before the bodies of those martyred were even cooled off, Obama took to the airwaves, taking the advice of his former chief of staff and now Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who infamously said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before,” like taking away more of the American Bill of Rights, specifically the Second Amendment.

Obama went on a shameful and embarrassing lecture of lies, literally making up his own “facts” about gun violence, in order to push for more unconstitutional laws against the Second Amendment, without explaining (because he can’t) how any new gun laws would have stopped the shooter.

He also conveniently left out the fact that virtually all of these mass shootings, despite their different details, happen on progressive-liberal “gun-free zones,” as if a sign is going to cause a criminal to lay down his arms. Instead, this moronic leftist policy leaves our youth as sitting ducks — as target practice — for the evil of the day to occur.

But even a larger error of omission is that “Christian” Obama did not say one word, and days later, still has not said one word, about the shootings being Christian martyrdom, that these students were shot only because they were Christians — there was no other reason.

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One can only imagine what Obama’s reaction would be if his favored religion of Islam was targeted, if Muslims were shot down because they are Muslims. The leftstream media mouths would be flowing with “hate crime” spewing from their mouths, and Democrat politicians would be screaming about “cracking down” on Christian “extremists,” and Christian “terrorists.”

As former Congressman Joe Walsh talked about on his radio program, The Joe Walsh Show, broadcasted from Obama’s hometown of Chicago on Friday (LISTEN BELOW), an outraged Obama would still be on the air blasting Christians as being intolerant and bigoted, and how Islam, the source of almost all terrorism around the globe, is somehow a “religion of peace.”

“Officials had confirmed before Obama spoke yesterday, that this evil, sick 26-year-old purposely killed people who were Christian. Obama knew,” Walsh told his audience on Friday. “There are reports that if they [the victims] said ‘Christian’ he said ‘Because you are a Christian, you will see God in about one second,'” Walsh explained.

“I really want you to understand, this Friday, who sits in the White House. I want you to understand, when Obama went out and stood in front of the American people yesterday…and he had that smartass little smile and smirk on his face, and he lectured Americans about guns, he knew.

Obama knew it. And yet, he said. Not. One. Word.”

Walsh went on to explain that Obama, who likes to call radical Islamic terrorism “workplace violence” and other bland terms, held another news conference about Russia and Syria on Friday, and again did not utter one word about the nature of the shooting.

“I want you to imagine that instead of asking his victims if they were Christian, if this evil 26-year-old, had line up his victims, and asked them one-by-one if they were Muslim. And if they were Muslim, he killed them. 

I want you to contemplate what Obama’s reaction to that would have been. 

I want you to think how the media would have reacted to that. Oh my word!” 

Walsh rattled off the headlines from several radically leftist publications, like The New York Times, obsessed with trying to make the story about the multiple guns the man had, carrying Obama’s water in shamefully attacking the Second Amendment.

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“You know damn well, that if this guy had purposely targeted — singled out — and killed nine or ten Muslims, because they were Muslims, Barack Obama would be on CNN still,” Walsh predicted.

“[He would be] preaching about the need for religious tolerance — preaching about how good and decent Islam is — preaching to America about how we need to understand Islam, and we gotta stop all these hate crimes, and how we’ve gotta stop persecuting people because of whose God they believe in.

You know that’s what Obama would be preaching if this killer would have singled out Muslims.”

Recall Obama’s anti-Christian rhetoric at a National Prayer Breakfast, where he blamed Christians for Muslim violence, that fueled the continuation of the War on Christianity, the religion of this nation’s founding.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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